Pope calls for "every effort to eradicate" "relentless disease", Ebola

Thursday October 30th 2014
Pope Francis has appealed for every "effort to eradicate" Ebola, "the relentless disease that is spreading especially on the African continent, especially among disadvantaged groups".

Pope: Fighting for the poor doesn't make me Communist – it makes me Catholic

Thursday October 30th 2014
Pope Francis spoke out against oppression of the poor due to greed and warned again of the growing presence of a “globalization of indifference” – a warning, he said, which has wrongly type-casted him.

The Church's mystery: it's both visible and spiritual, Pope says

Thursday October 30th 2014
In his weekly general audience Pope Francis spoke of the visible actions carried out by the Church, explaining that they are an expression of her deeper spiritual reality rooted in the two natures of Christ.

Are an atheist journalist's papal interviews reliable?

Thursday October 30th 2014
Following the publication of a new text by Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari in 'La Repubblica' suggesting that Pope Francis believes in relativism, the Holy See spokesman has questioned whether Scalfari is advancing his own views.

Pope: "No family without a home. No farmer without land. No worker with rights"

Wednesday October 29th 2014
" No family without a home. No farmer without land. No worker with rights! No person without the dignity that works gives us".

How do Christians interpret the Old Testament?

The Old Testament has much value in itself. I will try to situate the Old Testament in the Bible and discuss its significance in ....

First Tamil WWME Weekend in Melaka-Johor Diocese

The Tamil-speaking community here had the pastoral distinction of hosting the Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME) Weekend in Tami....

Be faithful to God for a brighter future

The feast of St Michael, the Archangel, was celebrated at the Chapel of St Michael from Oct 10 to 12. Fr S. John from India was t....

The rosary is a powerful weapon against evil

The feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary was celebrated with a Triduum from Oct 2 to 4 at the Church of the Holy Rosary. On the f....

The rosary is a powerful weapon against evil

The feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary was celebrated with a Triduum from Oct 2 to 4 at the Church of the Holy Rosary. On the f....

Ninety-year-old lady an advocate of volunteerism

“Older persons make wide ranging contributions to economic and social development. However, discrimination and social exclusion....

Covenant Community urged to “be on haste on mission”

On October 12, the Covenant Communities of Taiping and Penang officially merged as one Covenant Community with a new name “Cove....

Fire destroys longhouse in Bintulu

Some 469 longhouse folks, mostly the elderly and young children at Tuai Rumah John Guan Anak Barraw at Pasir Nangka Sangan, Tatau....

Letter from Archbishop of Mosul: Thank you for your aid, supporting the plight of refugees

A lack of food, warm clothes, blankets, shelter, medicine: This is the picture of the pain faced by the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees who f....

Want to prevent threats like ISIS? Religious freedom key, official says

Promoting religious freedom abroad is vital for U.S. national security interests in preventing the rise of threats such as ISIS, said the chair of th....

For Sri Lankan Catholics, the Synod on the Family was

For two Sri Lankan Catholics, a priest and a layman, the Extraordinary Synod on the Family that ended on 19 October in Rome should "be praised for pa....

English bishop shares 'never failing' gift of the rosary with his diocese

Since prayers through the Blessed Virgin Mary “never fail,” Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth is commemorating this month of the rosary by giving ....
Bl. Paul VI was the first 'modern man' to be elected Bishop of Rome, and he put the Church in conversation with the world in order to build a dialogue of salvation, a cardinal who was one of Montini's collaborators said.
The programme for Pope Francis’ visit to Turkey has been announced. Although prayers and meetings with Orthodox leaders dominate the schedule of the November 28-30 trip, Francis will also meet government leaders and visit Istanbul’s Blue Mosque.
In his weekly address for the Wednesday general audience, Pope Francis offered advice on fighting those tendencies which “dismember” the Body of Christ, such as jealousy and feelings of superiority.
Pope Francis called for the abolition of the death penalty as well as life imprisonment, and denounced what he called a “penal populism” that promises to solve society’s problems by punishing crime, instead of pursuing social justice.
Monday’s consistory of cardinals focused on the plight of Christians in the Middle East, especially in light of the rise of the Islamic State, and it also decided on two causes for canonization.
Christians and Hindus “must deepen their mutual respect and friendship, not by ignoring the essential differences that exist between the two religious traditions but rather, by understanding, acknowledging, and accepting them, and thus mutually re....
Recent numbers indicate that there are about 374,000 Catholics among Hong Kong’s population of seven million.
It seems that there are some disturbing trends commonly surfacing in several countries in the region.
Ancient Greece expressed much of its psychological and spiritual wisdom inside their myths.
When Thomas Duncan first showed up at a Texas hospital complaining of a fever and stomach pains after a visit to his native Liberia, he was prescribed antibiotics and sent home.
The clip has already attracted more than 190,000 views in 24 hours but is still a long way from the more than 60 million views tallied for her audition performance of Alicia Keys’s ‘No One’ in March, a performance which gained her entry to the....
Many KNOW ABOUT the Love, but few actually KNOW the Love of Christ. The Love of Christ is the truth which many of us reject, as it pierces through the lies that we have been submitting to all this while.
Do you agree with Pope Francis view that the Christians to be 'living stones' of the Church ?
Yes No Can't Say
Do you agree with Pope Francis view that the love of God and neighbor are inseparably united, and that we see God’s face most clearly in the weak and vulnerable ?
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Now that the dust is beginning to settle on the tumultuous Synod of Bishops on the Family, conclusions are up in the air as to what it all meant.


Food for thought

Recently, Pope Francis presided over his first weddings as pontiff and bishop of Rome. He married 20 couples at St. Peter’s Basilica on Sept. 14.

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Can Fr Ron’s column be translated into Tamil too?

The articles by Fr Ron Rolheiser in the HERALD are a welcome read. It gives one a lot of food for thought. I read both the English version and the Bahasa translation.