A need to seek and grow in faith

Some of us do not believe in a God at all. He does not exist and the Universe is one big coincidence.

May 06, 2016

Dear Editor,
Some of us do not believe in a God at all. He does not exist and the Universe is one big coincidence. There are others who may believe in a God but are averse to following and believing in any organised religion. They are discouraged by the fanaticism and destruction in the world in the name of religion.

Then, there are the majority, who believe and practise wholeheartedly in a religion as a way of life, in being a better person. To these people, God is real and very much alive in their lives. Through their faith, they can experience the love and mercy of God daily. People of religion believe that their souls will always be restless until they rest in God. An analogy would be an adopted child seeking his natural parents. An innate need to return to the source of being.

All religions are rich, with priceless values to guide an individual to being a better person and at peace with himself, society and God. When religion turns ugly, it is man, not God, who makes use of religion for selfish reasons, personal gain or, as a result of warped ideology. Most world problems today are political rather than religion driven. A convenient excuse for power, control and wealth.

I believe that all religions are good, and if one is in a religion for the right reasons, it is important to be a good believer, well grounded in the faith. A ‘submarine’ believer, who only surfaces on Fridays or Sundays, is superficial and could do more damage to himself and his faith. A true believer needs to grow roots and know more about his faith through talks, seminars, books, videos and being familiar with the respective Holy books. If not, he will be like a ‘lalang’ blowing in the wind and easily swayed by others. It is better to be a seed sown on fertile soil that will ultimately grow into a big, strong tree. This is fundamental to our reason for being — to know, love and serve our Creator.

I would caution, however, in being careful in what one is exposed to, as materials are crafted to how the creator wants it to be. Inherent untruths are propagated. One has to, therefore, be strong in one’s faith to be able to distinguish truth from fiction. Many misconceptions are also disseminated by speakers speaking on behalf of other religions. It is best to invite authorities from their respective religions to speak about their own religion, if one is truly seeking an understanding of other religions. None of us are qualified to interpret the doctrines and beliefs of others. This is a basic etiquette in inter religious dialogue and harmony.

Peace be with you.

Angeline Lesslar
Subang Jaya

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