At His Feet

Arriving at the house of Simon the Pharisee.

Mar 20, 2015

Arriving at the house of Simon
the Pharisee
Braved into the midst of the seated
A sinful woman fell at the feet of Jesus
Weeping, shedding copious tears
Over the Master’s feet
Mercy did she plead
Drying His feet with her hair
Oblivious to elders’ anger-stare
As she covered His feet with kisses
Anointed them with oil that’s precious
Complained did the Pharisee of her act
For she’s a well-known sin-wreck
Jesus questioned their reasoning
Pointed their judgmental thinking

Jesus said, moved by compassion:
‘Your sins are forgiven
Your faith has saved you; go in peace’
At His feet she found solace

Our hearts are restless
Living seems purposeless
Ignorance gives temporary bliss
Pride blinds us of what we miss
Cares of world forfeit real peace
Real peace rests in the Prince of Peace

Christ offers peace the world
cannot give
Whatever past or how we now live
Let’s have faith in His promises
Turn away from sin offences
Return, reconciled at His feet
Great rejoicing awaits in heaven
Over one saved and forgiven
Get up, let’s return to the Father
For at the door, is our waiting Father!
To embrace love, kisses to adorn
Over a son, once lost but now found!

Paul Sebastian
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