Authority comes from God first

A joint Christian prayer service with Mass, in conjunction with the 212th Police Day, was held on April 28 at the Church of St Anthony.

May 10, 2019

By Bernard Anthony
A joint Christian prayer service with Mass, in conjunction with the 212th Police Day, was held on April 28 at the Church of St Anthony.

Parish priest, Fr James Gabriel, welcomed the 250 Christian PDRM personnel present on behalf of Archbishop Julian Leow and the parish which was blessed to host the Police Day celebration. The Christian PDRM personnel came from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, including Pulapol and Pasukan Gerakan Am.

Before the Entrance Procession, several members of the General Operation Force (Pasukan Gerakan Am), marched in carrying the Panji Sang Saka Biru (PDRM) and Jalur Gemilang flags. The Mass was partly coordinated by the Christian PDRM personnel.

In his homily, Fr James reassured the assembly that Jesus Christ has risen from death. “Put your faith in Him and He will come to you, living inside you.” He urged all to live this life: “When we call upon Him, God shows up.”

Fr James said that policemen and women have authority but, first and foremost, authority comes from God, touching on the scripture text of the encounter of the centurion with Jesus, who understood the power and authority Jesus had.

Jesus respected that centurion (policeman) because of his faith. “Have respect for the policemen and women. You know justice and fairness. You have been chosen. You are representing God in order to execute justice, maintaining peace, order and harmony in this land,” Fr James said. He also invited the assembly to pray that the policemen and women will be filled with faith and blessed with courage and wisdom to exercise their duties.

“God chose policemen and women to serve with righteousness and justice, urging them to carry out their trust and responsibility by maintaining mutual respect, sincerity, honesty and tolerance in maintaining peace and order in the country.”

After the Mass, the Head of the Centre of Intelligence, Science and Strategic Studies, Maktab PDRM Kuala Lumpur, SAC Dato’ Tan Chong Jin, who is also the Chairman of the Organising Committee, said the Christian prayer service is held yearly at different churches so that the local community are able to get to know the police more closely, in line with the theme Polis dan Masyarakat Berpisah Tiada (Police and Community, Not Divided). He thanked the members of his Organising Committee, Fr James and all present for their support and prayers. Dato’ Tan invited all to visit the police exhibition, to get to know the police force better.

The Acting Deputy Inspector General of Police, CP Dato’ Seri Abdul Hamid Bador arrived later to watch the presentation by the Canine Unit (Unit K9) of the Crime Investigation Department (JSJ) in the carpark area of the parish.

He also officiated the opening of the police exhibition in the Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre. With senior police personnel and SAC Victor Sanjos, SAC Giberd Philip Layang, SAC Dato’ Tan and Fr James, they visited the exhibition booths setup by the Unit Pemusnah Bom, Jabatan Sumber Strategik dan Teknologi (StaRT), Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Narkotik (JSJN) plus Amanita from the Headquarters of Police Contingent (IPK) Kuala Lumpur. Some parishioners also visited the exhibition booths to know more about the work and duties of the police force in combating crime and terrorism.

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Der Fr James Gabriel. As alwayas your sermon is absolutely spot on! I gave a suggestion on the police article in Johor, on how the police could assis those suffering from Intellectual Disability from being mistreated in the police station. This is sin! A third-world mentality Thank you, Father!