AYPA: What the Youths say

It has been an amazing journey so far. AYPA is the platform for today’s youths to voice their concerns and be more involved in charting the path for t

Sep 06, 2019

It has been an amazing journey so far. I believe the youths here are called to a greater purpose in life. We had a chance to listen to personal sharings by prominent people like Archbishop Simon Poh on the scuffle incident at the Kuching High Court when he was there for an appeal by a Muslim convert wanting to return to the Catholic faith, and YB Kasturi Patho’s personal experience of God’s presence in her political career. I am thankful that AYPA is the platform for today’s youths to voice their concerns and be more involved in charting the path for the current generation. My experience here will definitely be a re-enlightening one, as I’ve been inactive in my church due to work. AYPA has acted as a r e m i n d e r for me that the youths of today are more challenged in all aspects compared to a decade ago. The presence of social media and its negative impact brings more challenges.

With the things I’ve learned here, I believe our youth ministry can adapt quickly to face these challenges, especially in being leaders of today, making sure that the next generation does not feel lonely or get left behind, that the Church is still relevant in today’s world.

We have to act now, otherwise there won’t be any youths left in the Church.--Joey Goh Holy Rosary Church, KL

AYPA was truly God’s calling. It was a good platform for me to mingle with people of my age. What touched me most is how we youth had the same ideas and thoughts about the Church and our faith. AYPA taught me to always cling to the cross and to ask for the Spirit to guide me in every step I take, be it big or little.

As an individual, AYPA has taught me to be more aware of my surroundings, about current issues and politics. It has also taught me to take the chances that come my way. I feel more confident about my faith because I now know that everything God puts me through are things he knows I can handle.

I come from a small parish with very few parishioners who are actually active and participate in the ministries available. Hence as a young person, AYPA has inspired me to reach out to the youth and to see what interests they have that would help them contribute towards mass and the ministry.

I am beyond blessed to be in a local University that has a chapel, with an active Catholic student society. From the talks I attended at AYPA, my suggestion to this society is to use social media as a platform to reach out to Catholic students in university who have left the faith. As a student from a course with a minimal number of non-Muslims, AYPA has strengthened me to always be confident of my faith.--Joyclyn Sanjnaa Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Pahang

It was four days filled with complete joy and youthfulness. This assembly was the beginning of something important for our young people as we came together to discern our direction.

For someone who rarely uses social media, AYPA made me realise the importance of it and how I can utilitise social media in “being the NOW of God”.

I feel that sharing my experience in AYPA with the young people in my church will allow us to open up our networks and build a stronger community among ourselves and the youths of other parishes.

I am just very happy that in these four days, I was part of something great.--Immanuel Augustus Dass St Joseph Church, Sentul

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