Be fair in carrying out tasks

Some 270 Christian police personnel from Johor came together with their families for a special Mass to mark the 212th Police Day Celebration at the Church of the Immaculate Conception (CIC) on Sunday April 28.

May 10, 2019

By Vincent D’Silva
Some 270 Christian police personnel from Johor came together with their families for a special Mass to mark the 212th Police Day Celebration at the Church of the Immaculate Conception (CIC) on Sunday April 28.

The theme for this year’s celebration was Polis dan Masyarakat Berpisah Tiada (Police and Community, Not Divided).

The Mass was presided by Fr Claurence Motoyou, OFM, the acting parish priest of CIC.

Addressing the police personnel at the start of the Mass, Fr Claurence said he was delighted. He reminded the police to always place God in the centre as they carry out their duty to maintain peace and order wherever they serve.

Earlier, he called on the congregation to observe a moment of silence, to unite themselves with the people in Sri Lanka after the recent attacks on the churches where many died or were injured.

Fr Claurence said the parish was proud to host the Police Day celebrations. He said, “It is one way for the people to show their appreciation and support for the police who serve with dedication and commitment.”

In his homily, he said as we celebrated cheerfully the Risen Christ. we are saddened by the shocking news that churches were attacked in Sri Lanka.

He said the attacked churches were destroyed and many lost their lives or were badly injured.

“In fact, all over the world, in many countries, in many places, we see and we hear tensions rising, wars, unrest, conflicts because of different faiths, ethnic practices, religion and culture,” he mentioned.

He pointed out that we who are in Malaysia are very fortunate and thankful because we are blessed with peace and harmony.

He went on to say that even though Malaysians are of many races, different religions, diverse way of living, varied cultures, we are still able to live together, side by side, with mutual respect and trusting one another; hence there is peace among us.

He stressed that it is very important for us to maintain and promote peace always, adding that as “Malaysians who love peace, it is our duty and responsibility to keep this harmony always.”

Turning to the police officers, he said, “These responsibilities are put on your shoulders. Even more is expected from you as members of the Malaysian Royal Police in making sure to keep the peace in society and in the community.

He urged the men in blue to sacrifice their time, their energy, to the point of risking their own lives, to ensure that this peace is not disturbed.

He said, “Peace abounds when justice is given to everyone and justice is felt when the laws are executed fairly.”

He called on the police to carry out their duty with dedication, honesty, efficiency and trustworthiness.

“Please execute and uphold the laws fairly without showing favouritism to anyone, regardless of their race, religion, faith, education background or wealth,” he said.

He added that we need to bring the Light from the Easter candle which is the Light of Christ, the Prince of Peace, to illuminate the dark places, so that all may be able to see, to experience the peace of Christ.

Later in his address to the congregation, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Paul Khiu Khon Chiang, the chairman of the organising committee of the Police Day Mass, said the day’s event has brought the police and the community much closer.

ACP Paul said, “A bridge has been built. The partnership between both parties has been established. Such partnership is necessary to ensure effective policing.”

He called upon all Christian personnel to always emulate Christ in carrying out their duties.

“I am happy to see a number of police personnel with their families and members of the Church community joining us in today’s Mass to create a close bond between us and the people,” he said.

ACP Paul stressed that we should get together more often to build a better fellowship.

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Dear Catholic Police of Malaysia Please remember that you are blessed with compassion and wisdom that our Lord has bestowed on you as being his children, when undertaking policing duties. So when you are dealing with delinquent youths or adult for peddling drugs, crime etc, please be wise enough to check if the "accused" in your eyes is someone suffering from intelllectual disability also known as slow learner (a cross between autisim and slow leaner). They look normal but they are not. They want to lead normal lives, hence they get bullied and used by Malay boys to do drugs etc, and their at hostel units are broken into and their salaries/wages are stolen. If this aspect is lost in the police personel, then it is a sing of third world country where the innocent ones would be punished and whacked as was a case of a relative a few years ago. This is sin! Remember, our country do not have the mechanisms of advanced country to ensure these helpless lot are assisted with finding jobs; where they could only do few hours of desginated tasks and the state gives them an allowance on a monthly basis. They are incapable of holding down a job for more than three months. So please advise your bosses and the Human Resources Ministry under a capable Labour Minister Kula with the support of Ambiga who has a legal mind to come up with a framework to protect Malaysian youngsters suffering from ID. That way they will not get bashed up in the polic station and be brought in a police van to the court when they and their family are actually in need of police support. Herald, we Catholics trust you will ensure this is read by the new sensible IGP, Labour Minister Kula, Law Ministerr Liew and Family Minisiter Datuk Seri Wan Azizah. And for good measure have this sent to Ambiga Seenivasan, so that this plea will not be ignored or discarded into the bin, which is a normal style of working in Malaysia the last six decades. It will be nice, too, under the new regime the police will be truly diverse and educated, with a ratio of 50:50 Malays and non-Malays. If there are more traditional Catholics/Christians (Indians,Portuguese, Ibans and Kadazans, etc), Hindus/Sikhs and Chinese, in high positions that will be delightful as we would all witness integrity, humility and professionalism in the force. The public will then show utmost respect to our police. Thank you, Herald editors for being the voice of we Catholics who come from diverse communities. God Bless.