BEC coordinators improve their emotional skills

The Emotional Skills For God’s People Formation was conducted from April 27- 29 at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes with 18 participants.

May 16, 2018

The Emotional Skills For God’s People Formation was conducted from April 27- 29 at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes with 18 participants. The theme was Growing in Relationship in the Footsteps of Jesus. Msgr Mitchel shepherded the sessions with his ABECAT team.


The first session began for two days with PART ONE: DISCOVERING THE REAL YOU comprising of:

Module 1 - Discovering Self
Module 2 - Discovering Self & the Other
Module 3 - Discovering Self, the Other & God

The second session continued with PART TWO:DISCOVERING THE OTHER THROUGH THE SELF comprising of:

Module 4 - Gift of Listening
Module 5 - Gift of Discerning

The formation concluded with the celebration of the Eucharist.

After the formation, the participants would be able to: unveil biblical examples for strengthening emotions unlock glitches in relationships and in managing people administer positive emotions in handling community building identify inhibitions of anxiety and anger in unsettled relationships create resources for people in handling emotions.

Using different methods to identify emotions

The participants were exposed to various methods and approaches in identifying their emotions, discovering steps in addressing internal and external issues and learning to manage them adequately. It was through becoming aware of their emotions that they realised the importance of aligning their emotions to eliminate those that brings them down. They were happy to discover how positive emotions enabled them to increase their ability in nurturing peace, harmony and happiness from within. Another eye-opener was that the understanding of the basics of emotional skills posed a great start in their lives. There was a realisation that the need for emotional skills increased with their responsibilities in life especially in the role they played in their parish and community life. Msgr Mitchel expressed the importance of looking into their “blind spots” that resulted in poor relationships among communities. The exposure to Communication Styles Survey unveiled the paths of communications through the four styles that can bring harmony and peace amongst one another when appropriately addressed.

-- challenges of dealing with emotions
-- recognise feelings to respond appropriately
-- managing reactions effectively

Parables used to help participants relate
The use of the many parables enlightened the participants when they were related effectively to daily life stories with creative activities. The session on Discernment was beautifully presented with the opportunity to experience the wonder of God in their lives bringing them all closer to Him and to one another.

Msgr Mitchel was able to touch the many hearts seeking and yearning for real friendship and true relationship with God during the Mass celebration. The receiving of the Eucharist was made momentous with the opportunity to speak to the Lord whole heartedly, for some in pain filled responses. Jesus was recognised as being present with them and emotions were identified.

A pilot programme
The pilot programme was intended as a trial session to collate information on the needs of the people in addressing the three main concerns of the BECs aligned with the Five Year Plan. Therefore, material and activities are still at the stage of being finetuned, revamped and reconstructed accordingly.

The team believes that several sessions will be needed to confirm the entire approach, material and methods before finalising material. Overall, it was a meaningful and insightful session with the unveiling of the Emotional Skills for most of them who were exposed to entrails of Emotional Skills for the first time.

Growing in Relationship in the Footsteps of Jesus paves the path for all to discover emotions for removing obstacles and building coping mechanisms in keeping track of our blind spots in walking with Jesus to build his Kingdom as the ABECAT strives to uphold these objectives.

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