Catholic youth leaders Sent Forth On mission!

“Today’s leaders, tomorrow’s legends – Catholic Youth With A Mission!” was the war cry of the Catholic Youth Leaders Evangelisation Seminar’s (CYLES) participants.

Nov 29, 2019

By Aaron Lim
“Today’s leaders, tomorrow’s legends – Catholic Youth With A Mission!” was the war cry of the Catholic Youth Leaders Evangelisation Seminar’s (CYLES) participants.

More than 60 youth leaders from the Arch/Dioceses of Kuala Lumpur, Malacca Johore and Penang took part in the programme organised by the Institute for New Evangelisation (INE) from November 15 to 17 at MAJODI Centre.

The outline of the seminar focused on the Church’s call towards being missionary disciples, in line with the Extraordinary Missionary Year (EMY 2019).

Archbishop Julian Leow, Fr Simon Lau, Sr Shanti Mariadass FdCC, Nelson Tjiunardi, Simon Wong, Patrick Anthony, Alex Choong, Carmelita Xavier, Maryann Robert, Michael Xavier and Matthew Wee were presenters at the seminar.

Archbishop Leow shared with the youth that evangelisation is an imperative for all disciples of Christ entering into the 21st century, adding that one must be “converted and evangelised first, to change our own minds before sharing Jesus with others.”

“The spirituality of a missionary is to wake, walk and work with Jesus; to have a sense of being connected to the Holy Trinity, which is the aim, soul and heart of our mission,” said Sr Shanti.

The young people were also inspired by Fr Lau’s vocation testimony that spoke of God’s faithfulness in His journey towards becoming a shepherd after His own heart.

Nelson Tjiunardi then shared on the hand presentation, using fingers to deliver important Gospel messages — that God offers the gift of eternal life to those who believe, repent and trust in Him. The models of evangelisation by Simon Wong and Patrick Anthony, helped participants to explore how the Church has evangelised, and heeded the call of Pope Francis to bring the Church of Christ on mission in the world.

“To identify ourselves with the Holy Spirit, we need to  know ourselves in Christ, recognise the Spirit’s power and live guided by it,” said Carmelita and Maryann in sharing that the Holy Spirit is the principle agent of evangelisation.

In the art of evangelising to the youths, Michael Xavier and Matthew Wee shared the 6’I‘s to persuasive evangelising – Introduce, Interact, Inquire, Input, Intercede and Initiate.

Participants were also equipped with an action plan by Alex Choong, to adapt a missionary mindset in having initiatives that lead to development of a missionary plan for every ministry.

The highlight of the seminar was the ‘Baptised and Sent Experience’, with the paraliturgy being led by Bishop Bernard Paul in remembering one’s own Sacrament of Baptism.

The participants journeyed through several steps such as being cross-bearers, kneeling before the altar as a call to covenant and lighting candles as bearers of light; ending with a loud declaration: “We are Baptised and Sent!” — affirming the acceptance towards the mission of evangelization.

Bishop Bernard also celebrated the Commissioning Mass in which he reflected on the Gospel reading and said that God’s Kingdom will reign forever and end all forms of evil.

“We need to have three God-given strengths: to become more in faith towards God, to battle evil using love and goodness, to bear up with hope founded on the word,” he said. After Mass, participants received a certificate and badge from Bishop Bernard as recognition of completion of the seminar.

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