Confirmation is not the end of learning

The Church of the Assumption is the first parish in the diocese to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation this year.

Sep 12, 2020

By Gwen Manickam
 The Church of the Assumption is the first parish in the diocese to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation this year.

Forty-five students received their sacrament from Archbishop Julian Leow on Aug 29 at 10.00am. Concelebrating were Parish Priest Fr Gregory Chan, Assistant Parish Priest Fr Richard Anthonysamy SJ, and Fr Bernard Hyacinth SJ.

Fr Chan quoted Matthew 19:30, which states “the first will be last; and the last, first” relating how last year, when the parish picked Aug 29 for its 2020 Confirmation ceremony, it was one of the last in the diocese. Lo and behold, due to the pandemic this year, the Church of the Assumption turned out to be the first in the diocese to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation for its students.

Only one sponsor/godparent and the confirmands’ parents were invited to attend. While waiting for service to start, the congregation was treated to a Holy Spiritinspired slide show of the confirmands and their respective names. The parish’s media team live-streamed the service so their family and friends could also witness the special occasion. 

The catechists’ weeks of hard work to ensure a smooth event paid off. Archbishop Leow told the parish priest he was pleased everything was well organised and quick.

“Receiving Confirmation today does not mean the end of your catechism, because of MCO, we are going to extend another three years,” Archbishop Leow jested during his homily.

“You can’t see me smiling behind this mask, but I hope you will seriously think about your formation. All of us who have been confirmed, ordained, our formation continues till the day we breathe our last. Do not think with Confirmation, it is Merdeka.

“Receiving Confirmation doesn’t mean  you end your classes in receiving the faith because there will be many more formations held in the parish and in the real world where you will be challenged and asked, Why are you still a Catholic? Why do you still go to church? Why do you still believe in God? And I hope you will remember what you have learned, not just in class but through your parents, teachers, friends, the homilies you hear every week and your own encounters with God.”

Archbishop Leow added, “today you build the foundation and confirm what your Godparents said on your behalf when you were baptised (as infants). Today you say: ‘Yes, I want to continue to be a Catholic, to  be a follower / a disciple of Jesus.” Are we willing to speak up for the truth and what is right and just as John the Baptist did?

Are we sharing fake news/lies/halftruths without fact-checking via our devices and social media platforms?

As newly confirmed, are we willing to share the Good News to help build the Body of Christ and each of us?

“Confirmands, as you continue on your journey of faith and say ‘Yes’ today, of your own accord, I pray you remain steadfast in your faith and you keep close to Jesus – our Saviour, Redeemer, Messiah – the only Way, Truth and Life.”

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