Dedicate day to cancer patients

One of the most difficult statistics to track consistently is the growth rate of cancer cases, locally or worldwide.

Dec 02, 2017

Dear Editor,
One of the most difficult statistics to track consistently is the growth rate of cancer cases, locally or worldwide.

Based on the World Cancer Research Fund’s findings, the growth rate of cancer is a concern, with an estimated 14.1 million cancer cases reported around the world in 2012, and it is expected to increase to 24 million by 2035 ( Interestingly, there is a higher number of cancer patients per 100,000 people in the developed countries. Though there is also a fast increase of cancer patients in the less developed countries, the numbers are lower.

The Malaysia National Cancer Registry between 2007-2011 states that there was a total of 103,000 new cases reported during the period. This means there was an average of 26,000 Malaysians suffering from cancer each year back then. This excluded non-reported cases. The report also indicated there were between 11,000-13,000 cases per year of medically certified and non-certified deaths relating to cancer. The age of cancer patients include younger people as well.

Generally, the cause of cancer is due to unhealthy diet, imbalance in nutrition and the lack of physical exercise which can be linked to over-commercialisation of everything that has infiltrated our lifestyle.

However, besides these external influences, more studies have also shown that the mutation of our body cells is equally linked to the mental state of a person over a period of time. God has created us body, soul and spirit. No healing is complete without addressing the soul and spirit, besides the body.

Moving forward, I guess it is an important mission to restore hope and bring healing to the many cancer patients and their families, especially those who may still find it a social taboo to make known their sickness and suffer silently instead

It is hoped that the Catholic Church will consider attributing a day dedicated to cancer patients and survivours in order to restore faith, hope and love among them. I hope these Church activities for the sick can be organised to enable them to know that they are not alone in their sufferings and that they, and their familes, have the support of the Church and BECs.

I believe that Jesus will work healing miracles today just as the Bible has told us, and I believe that Jesus wants to tell many cancer patients and the world, “do not be anxious about your life” (Matthew 6:25), contrary to the restless world that is preaching more fear, worry, anxiety, anger and unforgiveness. Thank you.

Desmond Yong
Shah Alam

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