Formation of Malaya and Malaysia

Formation of Malaya and Malaysia

Feb 23, 2019

Dear Editor,
I wish to refer to the issue of the HERALD dated January 27, 2019, which I have just received, and particularly to the supplement therein with regard to the Malaysian Catholic Clergy Assembly (MCCA).

I notice a number of factual errors in page VI of the Supplement as below in the section of the history of the Catholic dioceses in this country:

August 31, 1957
“Independence of the Federation of Malaya (including Singapore) proclaimed by Tunku Abdul Rahman”.

On this date, the 11 states in Malaya (present day Peninsular Malaysia) formed the Federation of Malaya and gained independence from Britain accordingly. Singapore WAS NEVER a part of the Federation of Malaya as at this date.

1963 “East Malaysia (North Borneo) was united to Peninsular Malaysia to form the Federation of Malaysia”.

There was NO Malaysia BEFORE September 16, 1963 and hence there was NO East Malaysia as such.

The former British colonies of Sabah (North Borneo) AND Sarawak joined with the states of the Federation of Malaya AND Singapore to form the Federation of Malaysia.

It is very sad indeed that the above gross distortions of history appear in your publication, whose readership includes school students who will be terribly confused if you do not admit these errors and get them corrected in your publication soonest possible. Your prompt admission and rectification in the forthcoming issue of the HERALD is called for.

Thank you.
Andrew Amaladoss Kota Kinabalu

EDITOR’s NOTE: See below for the corrections. Do cut this part out and paste it on Page VI of your MCCA supplement

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