Formation on the BECs should be given during the clergy monthly recollections

ForFormation on the BECs should be given during the clergy monthly recollectionsmation on the BECs should be given during the clergy monthly recollect

Aug 16, 2018

Dear Editor,
I would like to suggest that you communicate to the Archbishop that formation on BECs be given during the monthly clergy recollection and that the parish priests share and give updates on the progress of the growth of the BECs in their parishes.

Focus has to be given to BECs to facilitate the journey towards the parish being a communion of communities. In fact this has to be stated clearly in the Archdiocesan Vision and Mission statement.

All priests need to promote BECs from the pulpit. Growth in faith requires the context of a community as how else can one live out or express one’s love and faith in Jesus. Community life is only practical and possible in the family and BEC and not at the parish centre.

While the people are free to attend Mass in any church, they should be encouraged from the pulpit to go back and be active in the BECs in their neighbourhoods.

The parish priests need to work closely with the BECCOT and BECAT to monitor and facilitate the growth of the BECs. There have been complaints about autocratic BEC coordinators who just go through the motions of doing the Reflection Paper in quite some hurry so as to move on to fellowship. The members are not touched in any way and hence do not gain anything from the “reflection evening.”

The parish priests need to take an active interest in the growth and faith journeys of the BECs It is no longer an option but a requirement for the church to grow.

Thank you,

Alice Tan
Via Email

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