Fr VA Michael celebrates 25 years of faithful service

On August 31, 1993, the young VA Michael prostrated himself in front of the Altar of God and was ordained in the Church of St Joseph.

Sep 14, 2018

By Justina Sharon
On August 31, 1993, the young VA Michael prostrated himself in front of the Altar of God and was ordained in the Church of St Joseph.

He served in five parishes before being posted to the current parish, Church of St Paul the Hermit (Bestari Jaya).

His portfolio also includes being the Regional Director of Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei for 11 years and Ecclesiastical Assistant in the Diocesan Service Team (DST) and a member of the Peninsular Malaysia Service Team (PMST) for 15 years. Presently, he is the Ecclesiastical Assistant for Mission & New Evangelisation (INE).

On August 31, 2018, Fr VA Michael celebrated the Silver Jubilee of his priesthood in the Church of St Paul the Hermit.

The celebration was attended by Archbishop Julian Leow, Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam, ten priests and 700 people comprising family members, parishioners and friends.

Fr James Gabriel preached about the extra oil (gift of the Holy Spirit) that Fr VA Michael has been carrying with him all these 25 years. He shared about how Fr VA Michael and he grew up in the same kampong in Sentul and what burning zeal and desire they had to serve the Lord. They were thirsting for God and always wanted more and more. They both formed prayer groups in the Church of St Joseph and brought young people together and had BEC gatherings. At that young age, God had pruned Fr VA Michael to accept God’s call to the priesthood and just like Mary, he said “yes” to God.

Ever since then, Fr VA Michael has reached out to many people here and, even during his travels, he has touched many lives and brought Jesus to them. He wants to reach as many people as he can. The extra oil that he always carries helps bring light to the poor, the lost, the lonely and the sick. Fr VA Michael’s ordination motto was “Lord, make me Your servant”. A servant means being a slave and that is what Fr VA Michael is. He surrendered his hands, feet and heart to walk the pathway that Jesus trod to shepherd his flock.

Fr VA Michael thanked everyone for coming and to those who were involved in this celebration. After his speech, he knelt before Archbishop Julian Leow and Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam to obtain blessings from them.

Souvenir cards of the anniversary were distributed. As a sign of respect in the Indian custom, two elders of the church placed a silk shawl over Fr VA Michael. A cake was brought forward for him to cut. A portrait by Annamary, was presented to him as a gift.

Finally, lunch was served for everyone.

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