God’s house must be treated with reverence

The email by J.Wang in The Herald dated August 21 was very disturbing and disrespectful.

Sep 02, 2016

Dear Editor,
The email by J.Wang in The Herald dated August 21 was very disturbing and disrespectful. Let us never forget that the Church is God’s house and must be treated with reverence. Jesus Himself drove out the people in the temple as they had turned His Father’s house into a den of thieves. What would He say and do if He walked into a Catholic Church today and saw Pokemon hunters messing around while the Mass is going on, just because it is the latest fad? If we allow such disrespectful behaviour, our own youngsters may be tempted to join them instead of attending Mass. There is a reason why the Catholic Church is so serious on this matter. She doesn’t use tricks or the latest fads to attract devotees. Unlike the other Christian denominations, the RCIA was designed as such so that only those who are really serious will see it through and be converted.

The Catholic Churches mentioned in J.Wang’s email have every right to discourage Pokemon hunters on Church grounds. We have to uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ even if it means going against the tide. Being Catholic does not mean being popular or endorsing fads; it is exactly the opposite. Anyone who fights the good fight or is involved in standing up for truth and justice can attest to this. Catholism is not an easy religion to follow; Jesus did not mince His words when He said “If anyone wants to follow me, let him renounce himself, pick up his Cross and follow Me” and again, “to enter by the narrow door”. However, He has always given His assurance that He will be with us in all our trials and tribulations.

On the next issue, J.Wang doubted very much that a lapsed Catholic would have received similar treatment from a Catholic Church that Ms June Wong’s family received with regard to her father’s death (a lapsed Anglican). To summarise, you called the Catholic Church, inter alia “very cocky and arrogant.” This is a totally disrespectful and uncalled for presumption as you do not even have the facts to make such a sweeping statement. Catholic Churches have, for decades, given deceased lapsed Catholics Catholic funerals (Requiem Masses). Presently, even the BECs have been very helpful and supportive in such cases. It is just that we carry out these acts quietly; we certainly do not blow our trumpets in so doing. When has the Catholic Church ever excluded the people you mentioned in your email? They are not “excluded”; they are very welcome to join in the Mass celebrations, albeit within certain boundaries.

J.Wang, you owe the Catholic Church an apology for your mean remarks. As with every religion, there are kind and caring people both amongst the religious and laity, in the Catholic Church. Your email only focused on the negative — putting down the Catholic Church for her steadfast teachings and beliefs. If you are looking for the Catholic Church to encourage every fad just to be popular, then you are barking up the wrong tree.

Vera C
Via Email

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