How we can celebrate Christmas meaningfully

Bishop Cornelius Piong was the special guest of Radio Online KekitaanFM Nov 24.

Dec 05, 2020

KENINGAU: Bishop Cornelius Piong was the special guest of Radio Online KekitaanFM Nov 24.

He gave a catechesis on our Spiritual Preparation Towards Advent in the Talk Segment with DJ Uji.

Bishop Piong explained that the four weeks in Advent are very important for Jesus’ followers especially at this time of pandemic, to reflect on our relationship with God.

The prelate gave useful tips, saying that we should be prepared, and be thankful that God was born and is present in our daily lives. This is the meaning of Christmas, that is, the Redeemer was born. God proves to us that He is not far away, and that He lives with us... as the author of the Gospel of John says in chapter 1:14, the Word became man and He lived with us!

“If we are not fully aware of this,” said the Bishop, “then Christmas has no deep meaning. The whole world celebrates Christmas but only externally, merely celebrating it as a holiday or feast. Therefore, it is important for us to prepare spiritually throughout Advent, to be thankful that God became human like us except He has no sin. He lives, is present and walks with us!

DJ Uji also added that this Advent and Christmas which will be celebrated during the  pandemic, is quite unique and ‘silent’ as many activities such as carolling and Christmas Concerts – have been cancelled.

Bishop Piong advised everyone not to be discouraged with the current situation but to take this opportunity for deeper contemplation, reflecting on how our relationship with God who has come and is born in the world, lives with us, and will be with us until the end of time.

Bishop Piong stated that he uses his free time to build a relationship with God, through prayer, reflection, trying to appreciate the nature  of creation, improving or establishing relationships with others, and contemplating the events around us, because God uses various channels to convey His work. Bishop Piong also reminded listeners that the preparation to welcome the incarnation of the Lord should involve the family. He stressed that the Church and community starts with the family. He said putting God at the centre of a family will make the family strong and persevere, especially during crisis. 

The Bishop also strongly encouraged fami lies, during this Advent season, to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Family Pilgrimage Centre at Nulu Sosopon, to pray for and seek guidance from the Holy Family to strengthen the faith of the family. Pilgrimages are held every Wednesday and Friday in compliance with the SOPs.

DJ Uji also took the opportunity to ask Bishop Piong how he remains friendly, humble and approachable towards the various groups and ages of the community.

Bishop Piong said the source of his joy flows from the Eucharist which he celebrates daily, through reading the Bible and discerning the Word of God and spending an hour a day in Eucharistic adoration in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Radio KekitaanFM Online is Keningau Diocese’s first digital radio station. It was launched Oct 3 after Bishop Cornelius Piong and Keningau Diocese KOMSOS Chairman, Didiroy, felt the need for a digital channel to spread the Good News of God, especially during this pandemic.

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