Humility, generosity needed to love God and neighbour

This year’s feast of St Jude Thaddeus attracted an estimated 26,000 faithful to the Church of St Jude for ten days

Nov 10, 2017

By Bernard Anthony
This year’s feast of St Jude Thaddeus attracted an estimated 26,000 faithful to the Church of St Jude for ten days (October 20-29).

This year was special as the parishioners also celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Church of St Jude (1957 to 2017). The feast culminated on October 28, the actual feastday. At the evening Mass, approximately 3,000 faithful joined a candlelight procession around parts of Rawang town in honour of St Jude.

Fr Kenneth Gopal OCD presided at the 6.30pm multilingual Mass, assisted by Deacon Xavier Andrew and Deacon Nicholas OCD.

In his homily in English and Mandarin, Fr Kenneth spoke on the theme Jesus Triumphs over Evil. Jesus is victorious over evil and will come again as the victorious King. Fr Kenneth continued, saying that the wicked will be condemned to hell with Satan and the fallen angels. Who will be the righteous ones? The people who keep the commandments of God and love Him.

Fr Kenneth said to the faithful, “Keep our faith in Jesus and, with Him, we will triumph over evil.”

Touching on the Gospel text (Matthew 22:34-40):Love God and neighbour, Fr Kenneth said, it is easier said but difficult to practice. We need these two virtues, namely, humility and generosity to keep these two commandments.

“A proud person will not have God or grace, as God gives His grace to the humble. Also, a proud person cannot accept the faults of others and is always judging others. A selfish person only cares for himself and has no time for God or others. Sometimes, we are selfish when we don’t see value in others. Our ego makes us proud.”

He said a humble person goes on his knees and asks God for forgiveness. A humble person is compassionate and able to forgive. A generous person has a big heart and uses what he has to help others.

In concluding, Fr Kenneth said the Gospel reading for the day fulfills the whole law, to love God and neighbour. “It is only through humility and generosity, that we are able to love God and neighbour.”

Parish priest Fr David Arulanatham gave the homily in Tamil.

After the procession, the faithful returned to the church where the Litany to St Jude was recited, followed by a closing hymn. Many visited the grotto of St Jude, asking the saint to intercede for them to the Lord.

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