International conference seeks to help Lebanon

World leaders have been discussing emergency aid for Lebanon after Tuesday's devastating explosion in Beirut.

Aug 10, 2020

BEIRUT: President Macron opened a virtual conference, which was set up by France and the UN. The main priorities are said to be food aid, medical equipment and money to start rebuilding Beirut, much of which was destroyed in the blast.

"We must act quickly and efficiently so that this aid goes directly to where it is needed,” Macron said during his opening remarks."It is up to the authorities of the country to act so that the country does not sink, and to respond to the aspirations that the Lebanese people are expressing right now, legitimately, in the streets of Beirut”.

It is estimated that the explosion caused up to $15 billion in damage as well as leaving 158 people dead, 5,000 injured and 300,000 homeless.

President Macron said the offer of assistance included support for an impartial, credible and independent inquiry into explosion.

Even before the blast, Lebanon was suffering a deep economic crisis and struggling to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, anger on the street hasn’t abated. On Saturday demonstrators took clashed with police after storming several government ministries.

In response to the crisis, the Lebanese Prime Minister promised early elections.––Vatican News

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