Keningau Diocese to launch its first online radio

The Social Media Communications Commission (KOMSOS) of the Keningau Diocese will launch its first Online radio with an Audio and Visual concept.

Aug 01, 2020

KENINGAU: The Social Media Communications Commission (KOMSOS) of the Keningau Diocese will launch its first Online radio with an Audio and Visual concept.

Didiroy Joneh, Chairman of KOMSOS, proposed this idea when he realised the limited means of communication and delivery of information as well as reliable sources of news during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Due to the MCO, the Internet has become a preferred channel for evangelism, broadcasting Holy Mass through social media platforms, conveying information, organising various online spiritual activities such as Bible Week activities, Talk, Laudato Si Week.

Taking all these into consideration, an up to date and creative delivery system was needed and I decided to bring this idea to Bishop Cornelius Piong. Thank God, Bishop Cornelius gave his approval and full cooperation to ensure that this online radio  would materialise!

Didi said, “Bishop Cornelius named this online radio Kekitaanfm. This name is quite familiar and very close to the people in the Diocese. The idea of the name is taken from the motto of the Keningau Diocese itself, which is kebahagiaan adalah kekitaan (Happiness is togetherness).

The objective of this online radio is to be one of the preferred types of information delivery systems, especially for the diocese of Keningau, because it can be accessed anywhere. This radio will be launched in early October and will be on air from 7.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Saturday.

As well as streaming spiritual songs, the main programme of this radio will also be broadcasting the readings, listening to the word of God and daily morning reflection, and in addition to local news especially from diocese of Keningau and outside Keningau through selected and reliable news  sources. Church activities will also be aired on a daily basis.

The schedule concept of this online radio is similar to commercial radio but the main focus is on spirituality and evangelisation. A total of 10 radio presenters have agreed to work together on this mission.

Each radio presenter will work according to the rotation schedule and will have their own segments such as talks with invited guests, morning motivation segments, segments with youth and committees, and more. Uniquely, this radio is not limited to one language only, in that the presenters will use Sabahan slang and they will use Dusun and Murut languages.

This online radio platform will use Facebook Kekitaanfm and Android Apps that are currently under construction. Certainly the launch of this online radio will give a new face to information delivery systems and a more effective evangelistic avenues.

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