Lenten Campaign — 2018

The Lenten Campaign endeavour is a faith-based programme of the Catholic Church conducted during the annual liturgical season of Lent.

Feb 09, 2018

The Lenten Campaign endeavour is a faith-based programme of the Catholic Church conducted during the annual liturgical season of Lent. The Campaign is aimed at actively encouraging the faithful to be fully engaged in the three key Christian practices of prayer (Mt. 6:6), fasting (Mt. 6:17) and almsgiving (Mt. 6:2). The desired outcome of these focussed Lenten practices is conversion, renewal and transformation of the individual, family and community:

Do not model yourselves on the behaviour of the world around you, but let your behaviour change, modelled by your new mind. This is the only way to discover the will of God and know what is good, what it is that God wants, what is the perfect thing to do. (Romans 12:2)

The vision of the Lenten Campaign is a Catholic community who are active and responsible co-operators of the Kingdom of God; the mission of the Campaign is to actively and appropriately promote the spiritual observance of Lent through conscientious reflections, informed decisions and purposeful actions that result in further and improved renewal of the vocation of the individual Catholic and the Catholic community. (source:aohd.org)

Below are what the three Arch/Dioceses in Peninsular Malaysia are doing:

Heal Our World “make it a better place”
In Penang Diocese the focus is on the dimensions of bringing healing to our world: to raise our awareness of the need for healing in our broken world by discovering the importance of upholding human dignity, embracing the poor, loving our families, promoting social justice and saving the environment.

The activities, programmes or actions suggested in the booklet are for participants of different age groups: Children (age: 5–12), Youth (age: 13–29) and Adults (age: 30 and above). You can download the Lenten Campaign Booklet, which contains a summary of all activities, guidelines and resources for the campaign from their website: pdlentencampaign.com and visit their Facebook page: Penang Diocese.

The age categories are flexible and indicative only, and not intended to be restrictive. The suggested activities could be undertaken across the entire age category. Activities in the booklet are meant as suggestions; leaders are encouraged to modify or adapt the activity to suit the participating groups to make it more relevant and meaningful.

Some of the activities for the different age groups:

 Visit a Children’s Home / Orphanage
 Environmental Hero
 Environmental Arts Activity
 Heal Our World Money Box

 Gotong-Royong
 Food Sculpture
 Nature Immersion
 “Heal Our World” Tapestry Project
 Eyelites & Eyesores

 Visit a Home for the Aged & Infirmed
 Meals on Wheels
 Visits to Hospital & Hospice
 Soup Kitchen
 Street Walks
 Local- Global Grid
 Interactive Social Justice workshops--pdlentencampaign.com

Stewards of Ecological Change
In the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese, the Lenten Campaign programme is founded on the social teachings of the Catholic Church and conducted and organised by the Office for Human Development (AOHD).

In view of the vital importance of Catholic Social Teaching in general, and the critical importance of Protecting God’s Creation in particular, the Lenten Campaign will have a common theme for three years (2018 to 2020): CARING FOR OUR COMMON HOME. This main theme focusses on and invites dutiful Christian action to urgently respond to the call of the Holy Father on our moral and spiritual responsibility to care for Earth, our common home, in his landmark encyclical, Laudato Si’. The term Laudato Si means “Praise be to You” which is the first line of a canticle by St. Francis that praises God for all of His creation.

Some suggested activities:


-- Laudato Si Illustrated Booklet
--  Offering Can Sticker
-- Way of the Cross


Art Expression Activity
-- Offering Can Sticker
-- Lent-related activities by ASAYO
-- Stations of the Cross
-- Parish Engagement


Lenten Year Planner
-- Financial Contribution
-- Art Expression Activity
-- Parish & Neighbourhood Engagement
-- Study & Prayer Days
-- Nature Exposure Outings.--aohd.org

All of us can cooperate as instruments of God for the care of creation
In Malacca Johore Diocese the Lenten Campaign is organised by the Lenten Campaign Committee under the Diocesan Office of Human Development (DOHD) in collaboration with the Youth Ministry, Campus Ministry Representatives from SSVP (Society of St Vincent de Paul) and POHD (Parish Office for Human Development).

The staff of Youth Ministry will organise a training at Vicariate level for all their Youth representatives from the different parishes in February on how to carry out the different activities. They will be assisted by the respective SSVP and POHD in parishes.

During the DOHD Steering Committee meeting it was decided that in line with Laudato Si, shopping bags will be on sale at a reasonable price to encourage parishioners to bring their own bags instead of using the plastic bags provided by the shopping centres. The Youth will do a project with children to fill up these bags with goodies for distribution to the poor.

The Campus Ministry will also do a similar project. They will be given 250 bags.

For Children’s Lenten Kit, the Youth Representative for each parish will liaise with the parish priest and the Catechism Co-ordinator to bring students, according to age groupings, for a class where the youth will explain to the children what Laudato Si is all about and how they can, in their own way, care for nature and the environment.

An Annual Planner for youths and campus ministry can be used in their monthly gathering. Each Parish will receive the annual planner to be distributed to the BEC Co-ordinators so that they can use them at their regular monthly gatherings.

The Lenten envelopes will be distributed to the parishes. --By Sr Mercy RGS, DOHD

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