Let us purge the throwaway culture

Let us purge the throwaway culture

Dec 14, 2018

Dear Editor,

I gazed with horror upon the sight of a dumpster within the church compound. It was full of items that could have been reused, recycled, or repurposed.

There were two mobile whiteboards which could have been used by one of the many refugee schools. There was an overhead projector, a digital LCD projector, speakers and other electrical items thrown inside that could have been used by the migrant ministry for teaching and refurbishing purposes. There were large amounts of chinese new year decorations thrown higgledy-piggledy within the dumpster, including gorgeous chinese silk cloths, all of which were not the least bit faded.

All these things were thrown out in the open so all were COMPLETELY soaked and warped from the daily thunderstorms over the last two days. Except for some of the plastic decorations, NO ONE could use these items because they were completely ruined. It was totally BER, or Beyond Economic Repair.. Laudato Si? NOT EVEN!

What is the point of organising and attending multiple retreats and talks, when the fruits are not practised within the ministries of the parish?

I find it annoying when people complain yet give no suggestions. Therefore, I would like to suggest that all Catholics seriously heed our Holy Father’s call to responsible stewardship for the care of our common home:

1. Think before you throw and consider the waste that will be generated before buying anything.
2. Paper and plastic can be recycled.
3. Non biodegradable items can be stuffed into 1.5L plastic bottles and fashioned into eco bricks. 3. Large items can be placed under a covered area with a sign allowing people to take what they want. And the ones that are left can be brought to Tzu Chi Buddhist Society because their recycling efforts far surpass ours. Ironically, the founder of Tzu Chi was inspired by the Infant Jesus sisters...
4. Finish the food on your plate! As Pope Francis said, wasted food is like stealing from the poor. An apt quote since November 18 was World Day for the Poor.

We need to purge this THROWAWAY CULTURE today! It would be so amazing if our clergy and religious could take the lead in this aspect and truly be “a gift to the Church” as St John Paul the Great mentioned in Vita Consecrata. Nonetheless, the laity form the bulk of the Church, so it’s time for us to STAND UP and make a difference. Otherwise there won’t BE a tomorrow to speak of... #ZeroWasteToday

Dr Melanie
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