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The Catholic Singles Dating Hub of the Penang Diocese held its second social dating event September 15-17 at the Stella Maris Retreat Centre.

Nov 02, 2018

GEORGETOWN, Penang: The Catholic Singles Dating Hub of the Penang Diocese held its second social dating event September 15-17 at the Stella Maris Retreat Centre. The Dating Hub by the sea and private beach was organised to provide Catholic youths a fresh and practical approach to finding their life partners in a setting with Catholic values. The more time spent dating and socialising, the more likely they will find someone they like.

As a prelude, Deacon Lazarus Jonathan, the Chairperson of the organising committee, reflected on the theme Understanding God’s Call. He referred to Genesis chapters 1 to 3 to emphasise that marriage is a state of life blest by God. In this session, he explained that God made men and women differently and in a hilarious manner highlighted the differences. Deacon Lazarus, in his second session, presented the wrong reasons for starting a relationship and identifying the right qualities in a life partner.

Activities held included a Grooming Session with biblical perspectives for a pleasant personal appearance and a more positive and confident outlook in life. Next up in the programme was a Speed-Dating session. This was to encourage the participants to be more adventurous and open-minded in communicating with the opposite sex. Games were played for better interaction and dance lessons preceded the Masquerade Ball which provided a romantic interlude to the night. The Affirmation segment with the theme Gratitude was presented by Mayette Bugaoan. Participants were encouraged to write down their personal feelings and thoughts for those they met and these were forwarded to the lucky recipients. Spiritual sustenance was provided by daily morning Mass and night prayers. The main aim of the Dating Hub was for the participants to get a sense of one another as fellow Catholics and start new friendships. The hope was for the friendship to blossom into a relationship leading to marriage.

Theresa Wan, the secretary of the committee, noted that the event was a follow-up to the highly successful inaugural Dating Hub 2017. For this session, a total of 52 persons signed up for the event. Participants came from the Penang Diocese, Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese, Melaka/Johore Diocese and Kuching Diocese. Confidentiality and privacy of the Catholic Hub gathering is respected and chaperones are on hand for a safe environment. There are couples who have started a friendship and relationship after the first meet and the committee is hoping for a match made in heaven.

Participants, at the end of the gathering, provided some meaningful comments and suggestions in their evaluation of the gathering. They enjoyed themselves with the programmes planned and hoped that a Dating Hub can be organised in Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.

They agreed that it is very difficult to meet and engage with fellow Catholics in the work place and this gathering was very timely and helpful. There was also a proposal for the Dating Hub to be organised as a cruise vacation. The committee will give due consideration to these proposals.

For those who have any queries, they can contact Ms Theresa Wan, 017-5788192 or email 

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