MJD News Update #12

In times of crisis, life boils down to the essentials: meeting our basic needs, family, and the big questions – like the meaning of life and death, heaven and hell, God and me.

Oct 17, 2020

Welcome to F12 MJD NEWS UPDATES.

Greetings and Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you, dear People of God.

1.0 A Thought for the Week: Face-to-face with the Real Self
In times of crisis, life boils down to the essentials: meeting our basic needs, family, and the big questions – like the meaning of life and death, heaven and hell, God and me. We come face-to-face with what we are and what we aren’t. We have time to look at our lives, into our hearts, and to ponder what it’s all about. What am I made for? What happens after I die? Who am I really? Then God answered: the truth of your identity and the meaning of your life can only be found in My Light, in the One who created you and declared you “very good”. I see in you, your littleness, weakness, and yes, even your sin. I am in love with you. The truth is you are beautiful because I am beautiful. Even in your sins and failures, My tenderness and mercy makes all things new and draw you ever closer to My heart, to fill you with My love.

Of course, there is a choice: to let ourselves be loved by God, or to draw back. Each day we are bombarded by the lies of the enemy, the lies of our culture, and even the lies of our own negative thought patterns. We can choose to be persuaded by the lies, defined by our own failures, or choose to claim the truth of who I am in God’s eyes and the reality of His love for me. This choice is before us. Face the truth or succumb to lies. You choose.

2.0 Announcements for the Week:

2.1 On the 18th October Weekend, we celebrate the World Mission Sunday 2020; with the theme “Here I Am, Send Me, Is.6:8”. The Holy Childhood Collection, a project of the children of the parishes, and the Mission Sunday Collection will sent to the Pontifical Missions Societies, Rome.

2.2 The MJD-OHD will be holding their AGM on the 17th October, and are preparing for a name change ie Caritas Malaysia-Diocese of Malacca Johore.

2.3 On the 24th October, MJPT or Diocesan Pastoral Teams will gather for their discernment and for their 2021 planning.

2.4 The All Souls Day blessings or Masses will be conducted in the respective parishes of Malacca and Johore. Only small gatherings for common prayer and blessings are permitted. The SOPs, ie physical distancing, wearing face masks and registration, are a must. The parishes set the times of services and blessings of cemeteries except for cemeteries that are managed by the Vicariate Cemetery Committees of Malacca and South Johore.

2.5 Think safe. Be safe. Stay safe.

3.0 Questions & Queries?
Looking for the Perfect Church?

Some people went to the Apostle, Paul, the founder of several churches, to satisfy their search. They asked: Is Corinth a perfect church? Paul said: Corinth has little groups and party spirit (1 Cor 1:12,13), envy, strife (1 Cor3:3), dragged one another to civil courts (1 Cor 6:1-2,4-5) and sexual immorality(1 Cor 5:1).

What about Ephesus? Paul said: It is a Word-based church (Acts 20:27), many unloving people attending services there. (Rev 2:4).

What about the Thessalonians? In that church, there are some who don’t like to work.

Then can we move to the Philippians’ church? Paul said: It is a good church but there are  sisters who have a disagreement and are not talking to each other. (Ph 4:2)

Then they ask what about Colossians’ church? Paul said: There are heretics who are causing confusion there. And one group there worships angels. (Col 2:18)

Maybe we should try the Galatians? Paul added the believers there, bite and devour each other (Gal 5:15) Then Paul told them, in Thyatira, a self-claimed prophetess teaches about prostitution and idolatry. (Rev 2:20). In Laodicea, they are proud, materialistic and lukewarm (Rev 3:1418). In Pergamum, some follow the doctrines of the Nicolaitans and Balaam (Rev 2:14,15).

At Jerusalem, the HQ, you will find prejudice, murmurings and people lying to the apostles. Paul concluded and he said to understand this. There is no perfect church as it is made up of human beings. The church is what you put into it.  

Bishop Bernard Paul
October 16, 2020

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