Online ecumenical prayer for the end of the pandemic

Card Patrick D’Rozario, archbishop of Dhaka, Rev Samuel Sunil Mankhin, moderator of the (Anglican) Church of Bangladesh, and other religious leaders took part in the service.

Jun 30, 2020

By Sumon Corraya
A special, online ecumenical prayer was held friday evening, with the participation of Catholic and Protestant leaders, to ask God for an end to the pandemic in Bangladesh and the whole world.

Participants also prayed for the eternal repose of those who died from the virus and for those who are sick, that they may soon get better.

The meeting, which lasted over an hour, was promoted by the Bangladesh Christian Association, a human rights group based in the capital, Dhaka. Scores of people abroad joined the online event.

Card Patrick D'Rozario, archbishop of Dhaka, led the service. In his prayer he mentioned "those who serve in hospitals, those who lead the nation," and "those who have fallen into poverty because of the coronavirus".

Rev Samuel Sunil Mankhin, moderator of the (Anglican) Church of Bangladesh, said that with the pandemic "all homes have become houses of prayer. We can't go to church ..  . so let us pray in our homes.”

He urged the faithful to pray more, citing the example of Muslims who, "during Ramadan, pray five times a day and fast. How much time do we give to God?”

For Nirmol Rozario, president of the Bangladesh Christian Association, “gradually, the outbreak in our country is getting worse and worse. Many religious and political leaders have been affected and some have died. Even among Christians there are many positive cases and some deaths.”

According to data released Friday, some 130,474 cases have been reported in Bangladesh with 1,661 deaths. At least 53,133 people have been treated.--Asia News

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