Our crusade to move forward

Vatican II taught us to be conscious of the signs of the times for the Catholic Church to be relevant in the modern world.

Nov 22, 2019

Dear Editor,
Vatican II taught us to be conscious of the signs of the times for the Catholic Church to be relevant in the modern world. The signs today indicate that we are undergoing global turbulence, especially where race and religion are concerned.

The situation is amplified in Malaysia, a cosmopolitan country with a multifaceted mix of race and religion. Politicians aggravate the situation by playing up nonexistent issues for their self serving needs. Healing is necessary to soothe the wounds and hurts among Malaysians. We are a nation with wounded hearts.

The Catholic Church can play a more dominant role in line with our current pastoral theme Baptised and Sent. The theme for 2020 is The Joy of Being Sent to Heal.  Both require a call for action. A need to be inclusive and break free from the comfort and security the Church provides. A safe haven and warm cocoon to hibernate. A need to heal emotionally and psychologically as well.

Our faith calls for reaching out to bring our Christian values of love, joy and peace to people of other faiths. To initiate friendship and build bridges with our neighbours. To build trust and heal hearts. 

Interreligious dialogue has to be infused into our beings and become a way of life for all Christians in all that we do in our BECs or Ministries. Parish Ministry of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs (PMEIAs) can only be catalysts to make things happen but need the collaboration of all parishioners.

This requires a paradigm shift in the way we think as many may find dialogue daunting or feel uncomfortable in sharing their faith with others. It would help if this realisation can come from the pulpits or whenever the occasion presents itself.

Dialogues need not be on theology or doctrines but common ground and just being friends, sharing the miracles in our lives with others.

We can do all this without compromising our beliefs and identity. We are like instruments in an orchestra, each playing a role in contributing to the lovely music produced yet remaining who we are. Only then can we move forward and counter the negativism around us with good vibes. We cannot sit by and watch our peace and prosperity hijacked. We owe it to ourselves and our children.

Angeline Lesslar
Subang Jaya  

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