Philippines marks World Day of the Sick

Episcopal Commission on Health Care calls for renewed vigor in church efforts to look after those suffering

Feb 13, 2018

MANILA: Filipino Catholics marked the World Day of the Sick on Feb. 11 with healing Masses and anointing of the sick in churches around the country.

In a letter addressed to the country's bishops, the Episcopal Commission on Health Care said the church's care for the poorly "must continue with renewed vigor."

Bishop Patricio Buzon, head of the commission, said every diocese in the country should give importance to the sick and health care workers.

In Manila, at least a thousand sick people attended the anointing of the sick that was held to celebrate the feast of the Our Lady of Lourdes.

Monsignor Ernesto Lo, chaplain of the Order of Malta, reminded Catholics that to care and pray for each other in times of joy and suffering is a Christian duty.

"The cross that we bear becomes more manageable when we care for one another," said the priest. "Miracles are bound to happen if we join together in faith and love," he added.

Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of Cubao told a gathering of sick people in his diocese to continue to trust in the Lord.

"If you are suffering don't say God has abandoned or has forgotten you," said the prelate. "If we believe in the power of God we would be able to face any problem or sickness," he added.

The World Day of the Sick is observed every Feb. 11 since St. Pope John Paul II introduced it in 1992.--Ucanews.Com

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