Pope Francis supports Polish Catholics in fight against abortion

Pope Francis told Polish Catholics Wednesday that he asks St. John Paul II’s intercession for respect for life, amid protests in Poland over a law prohibiting abortion.

Oct 29, 2020

By Courtney Mares
Pope Francis told Polish Catholics Wednesday that he asks St. John Paul II’s intercession for respect for life, amid protests in Poland over a law prohibiting abortion.

“Through the intercession of Mary Most Holy and the holy Polish pontiff, I ask God to inspire in the hearts of all respect for the life of our brothers, especially of the most fragile and defenseless, and to give strength to those who welcome it and take it care, even when it requires heroic love,” Pope Francis said Oct. 28 in his message to Polish pilgrims.

The pope’s comments came days after Poland’s constitutional court ruled that a law permitting abortion for fetal abnormalities was unconstitutional on Oct. 22. Protestors were filmed interrupting Sunday Masses following the ruling.

Pope Francis noted that Oct. 22 was the feast of St. John Paul II, and recalled: “He always appealed for a privileged love for the least and the defenseless, and for the protection of every human being from conception until natural death.”

In his general audience catechesis, the pope said that it was important to remember that “Jesus prays with us”.

“This is the unique greatness of Jesus’ prayer: the Holy Spirit takes possession of His person and the voice of the Father attests that He is the beloved, the Son in whom He fully reflects Himself,” Pope Francis said in Vatican City’s Paul VI Audience Hall.

Jesus invites each Christian to “pray as He prayed,” the pope said, adding that Pentecost provided this “grace of prayer for all those baptised in Christ.”

“Therefore, if during an evening of prayer we feel sluggish and empty, if it seems to us that life has been completely useless, we must at that moment beg that Jesus’ prayer also become our own. ‘I cannot pray today, I don’t know what to do: I don’t feel like it, I am unworthy.’”

“In that moment … entrust yourself to Him, that He may pray for us. He in this moment is before the Father, praying for us, He is the intercessor; He shows the wounds to the Father, for us. Let us trust in this, it is great,” he said.

The pope said that in prayer one can hear God’s words to Jesus at his baptism at the Jordan River whispered tenderly as a message for each person: “You are God’s beloved, you are a son, you are the joy of the Father in heaven.”

Because of his Incarnation, “Jesus is not a distant God,” the pope explained.

“In the whirlwind of life and the world that will come to condemn him, even in the hardest and most sorrowful experiences He will have to endure, even when He experiences that he has no place to lay His head, even when hatred and persecution are unleashed around Him, Jesus is never without the refuge of a dwelling place: He dwells eternally in the Father,” Pope Francis said.

“Jesus gave us His own prayer, which is His loving dialogue with the Father. He gave it to us like a seed of the Trinity, which He wants to take root in our hearts. Let us welcome him. Let us welcome this gift, the gift of prayer. Always with Him,” he said.

The pope noted in his greeting to Italian pilgrims that Oct. 28 is the feast of the Apostles Sts. Simon and Jude.

“I urge you to follow their example in always putting Christ at the center of your life, to be true witnesses of his Gospel in our society,” he said. “I wish everyone to grow every day in the contemplation of goodness and of tenderness that radiates from the person of Christ.”––CNA

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Mary Ann Maycenmaycenma@gmail.com
To whom it may concern, I am a devout Catholic and one who is very upset with Pope Francis Liberal views. If he is so Pro Life why does he not support President Trump who is our first pro life President? He is not using pro life for votes, as he has been a pro life supporter for many years. Biden on the other hand claims he is a Catholic but supports abortion from conception to term. He does not care if a abortion is blotched and a baby survives and is left to die. How can a Pope , Priests or Bishops tell Catholic people in good conscience that they can vote for the Democratic party. Biden follows none of his Catholic teachings. I know that Pope Francis is against the wall but illegals come to America, they do not become citizens., they do not pay taxes. They take jobs from our American citizens and we pay for all of them. We have enough of poor families to take care of. Pope Francis needs to stay out of politics. Now he comes out with Civil Unions which has many Catholics are so confused. I am not the only Catholic with these concerns. Does he realize that if Biden?/Harris win this November election how many babies will be murdered. Babies have a choice. He is too Liberal to be a Pope. America will be become a Socialist country. I pray to Saint John Paul 11 to guide this Pope. He was the best Pope of my time. We will never have a never have another Pope like him.