Pope sends birthday wishes to Kiko Argüello

Marking the 80th birthday of Kiko Argüello, founder of the Neocatechumenal Way, Pope Francis thanked him for all the good he has done for the Church.

Jan 11, 2019

By Linda Bordoni
Pope Francis has sent a message of greetings and good wishes to Kiko Argüello who celebrated his 80th birthday in Madrid with a Mass and a special lunch with his closest friends and collaborators.

Argüello founded the Neocatechumanal Way with Carmen Hernandez in 1964 in Madrid. It is a charism within the Church dedicated to Christian formation.

"Dear Brother” the Pope writes, “I don't want this day to go by without sending you a few lines expressing my closeness and fraternal thanksgiving for your 80th birthday”.

He goes on to say he thanks God for having chosen him to carry forward his particular mission and for his fidelity.

“May the Lord repay you for all the good you do to the Church. I am close to you, I pray and accompany you” he writes.--Vatican News

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