Really good to be in the church for Mass

After three months of live-streamed Masses, some Malaysian Catholics were privileged to go to church and participate in the Eucharistic Celebrations.

Aug 01, 2020

After three months of live-streamed Masses, some Malaysian Catholics were privileged to go to church and participate in the Eucharistic Celebrations.

On this article, we highlight some of their  comments.

“They say home is where the heart is. Home is always going to be there no matter what you do or where you go in life. Home is our place to shelter, to love, to care and to comfort. And, after being away from home for so long, it feels so good to return. When I entered our Cathedral after being allowed to do so, it felt like entering my home. It was so peaceful and so warm. It is a feeling I’ve missed greatly and there are no words to express how joyful and happy I was.

“It has been almost four months. We attended Mass through live streaming during MCO and I’m very thankful for that. However, it felt like something was missing. When it was announced that our Cathedral would be open for parishioners again, it made my heart jump with joy. Praise the Lord, I was going home. And I started thinking: How’s our Cathedral?, How’s everyone? I’m pretty sure that all parishioners were asking the same questions and couldn’t wait to go back to church. 

“July 18 was the date that our church re-opened after being closed for 4 months. When I first stepped into our church I was so happy and said to myself “Welcome home”. My tears of joy fell  automatically. When I looked at the cross, I realised that I had missed our Lord Jesus Christ so much. That is when I really knew what is meant by ‘Home is where the heart is’. 

“This pandemic has been a blessing for all of us. Although we were not able to join Mass during the pandemic, we’ve learned something more important in our life. Our faith became stronger. I renewed my faith and I believe all of you also renewed yours.

“I will be with you, I will not leave you or forsake you” (Joshua 1:5). In any situation, God will always be with us and He will never leave us. “Welcome home everyone… Amen” –– Euthalia, Sandakan

“There is a feeling of thankfulness in me to God for the country, the health workers and the people as a whole. God, in his mercy, continues to sustain me and so many others through online Mass, and also through online regular faith formations three times weekly. These are great blessings.

“Christine and I have been following online Sunday Masses and received communion spiritually. But it was a different presence of Jesus in me when I received him sacramentally. I value more consciously Jesus who comes in his flesh to dwell with me.––Francis and  Christine Ong, Church of St Theresa, Malacca

“My experiences during MCO attending Mass online was something new and interesting. At first I was not used to it but after a while, I actually felt it was not so bad as I could attend Mass anytime I wanted. Much later, I felt something missing. I couldn’t describe the feeling.

“When I attended the first Mass on July 18, I felt like I was going home, especially when  I met other brothers and sisters in Christ. When I received the Eucharist, it tasted so sweet when it melted in my mouth. I felt God’s overwhelming love for me.

“Although I was blessed to receive Him during my husband’s stay in the hospital, the feeling of receiving Him at Holy Mass was really quite different”  –– Pauline Liew, Church of St Henry, Batu Pahat

“It felt good to go for Mass after only attending Mass online for months. Unfortunately, Masses have to be stopped for the time being in our parish. –– Annie Yu Chek Fang, Church of St Henry, Batu Pahat

“Being over 70, I am obviously not allowed to participate, but our Parish Priest, Fr James Rajendran, has made allowance for all those above 70 to receive the Lord in private homes, in groups of five or six, at respective BECs.

“I received the Lord last Saturday and I was pretty excited about it! Who wouldn’t be, can you imagine not having received the Eucharist since March...

“I guess the Lord is clearly telling us NOT to take Him for granted. Anyway, so many lessons to be learnt from the MCO!! –– Philip Packium, Church of St Philip, Segamat

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