Saint's vision honored at Philippine gathering

Religious of the Assumption congregation holds two-week event to promote 'transformative education'

Mar 13, 2018

MANILA: Educators under the auspices of the Religious of the Assumption congregation vowed to continue what they described as "transformative education" at the end of a two-week gathering in Philippine capital Manila.

The international encounter closed on the feast day of the congregation's founder, St. Marie Eugenie, whose vision was to educate people to have an impact on society.

Sister Martine Tapsoba, general superior of the congregation, said the gathering gave the congregation an opportunity to return to the fundamentals of the teachings of their founder.

She said educating also requires that entering a process of conversion and personal transformation. "We celebrate this transformative education of which we are heirs," said the nun.

The path of St. Marie Eugenie "can be an invitation to ask ourselves how we allow ourselves to be touched and transformed by our mission of education."

Sister Maria Josefina Matias, one of the general councilors of the congregation, said the meeting has become more interactive and participative.

"I'm convinced that the way of educating ... has evolved and therefore we were deliberate and purposeful to make sure that this moment is more experiential," she said.

The Religious of the Assumption, which was established by St. Marie Eugenie in Paris in 1839, is a teaching order that sees education as a process by which an individual is freed and society transformed.--Ucanews.Com

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