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Holy Trinity Parish carried out a series of recollections for the various parish ministries for the entire season of Lent.

Mar 28, 2014

TAWAU (Herald Malaysia): Holy Trinity Parish carried out a series of recollections for the various parish ministries for the entire season of Lent. The first to be implemented was the half day recollection for the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion ( EMCs ) facilitated by both priests, Fr David A. Garaman and Fr Johnny Raju at the Church Basement Room on Saturday, March 8.

Some 50 EMCs from the main Parish and outstations attended the recollection to refresh and to gain deeper understanding of the ministry. It was also an occasion to uplift their commitment and an opportunity to enhance themselves in Eucharistic devotion and spirituality. A few new faces, worthy for this sacred service, will soon be enlisted.

The event began with the Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr Johnny Raju in the Chapel at 9.00am.

All EMCs were also reminded that their lives are to be in conformity with the teachings of the Church. They should be excellent examples in attitude and behaviour, distinguished in their Christian life, faith and morals. They are the models for other parishioners. “Be wise in your words and actions that others may be aware of your righteousness. The way you portray yourselves has an impact on others. Be presentable. Put on your proper EMC attire whether you are serving in the outstations, sub-parishes or in the main church. Dress in a manner consistent with the dignity of your role,” he said.

In conclusion, Fr Johnny said, “As people entrusted with this sacred responsibility, you are to execute your duty in a prayerful manner, with utmost dignity and reverence. You are performing a great service to the Church.” The session ended at 12.00 noon with a Closing Prayer led by Fr Johnny.

The next day, March 9, the Catechetical Team of Holy Trinity Parish organized a one-day Lenten Workshop for some 500 Sunday school children at the Parish Hall. Coming together on a Sunday, children and facilitators, is one of the many ways of spending time with the Lord.

The programme provided opportunities to build stronger bonds between the children and the teachers. This was also an effective approach to connect to each other outside of class environment.

The programme began with Holy Mass at 9.00am. The children were divided into two age categories: 7 – 11 years old (some 200 children) and from 12 to 17 years (some 300 participants).

The following topics were covered in the spiritual input sessions:
-- What is Lent?
-- The Paschal Mystery
-- The Holy Week • Preparation for Easter and
-- Understanding the Way of the Cross
A movie, The Passion of Christ was shown to the 12-17 year old category. The children reflected on the movie. It made them aware of the suffering of Jesus for the salvation of all human kind. A group discussion reflecting on the suffering of Christ was held after the movie. The sharings touched on:
-- Deepening of faith
-- Understanding the meaning of Lent
-- The three traditional pillars of Lent and
-- Becoming better children of God
The spiritual input sessions created a strong and positive impact on the participants. The children were attentive and participated actively. This is likened to the process of planting and rooting the wonders of God’s love into their faith.

The games offered an opportunity for everyone to grow together in faith through the spirit of friendship, teamwork, and partnership and also instilled in them the sense of belonging as one family, holding them together without boundaries. If we can develop this sense from the early age then the next generation will be a peaceful and loving community, a great sign of God’s wonderful children for a better world.

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