SFA students all score A for SPM Bible Knowledge

In the 2016 SPM examination, all five students from the Church of St Francis of Assisi (SFA)scored As in Bible Knowledge.

May 12, 2017

KUALA LUMPUR(Herald Malaysia): In the 2016 SPM examination, all five students from the Church of St Francis of Assisi (SFA)scored As in Bible Knowledge.

Below are some of the sharings from the candidates. We hope that through sharing of some of our experiences in taking up Bible Knowledge, more young people will follow suit.

Since the very beginning, I had an interest in taking Bible Knowledge. I saw the changes in me spiritually and physically while studying the Bible. In reading the Bible, we learn God’s interactions with humanity throughout history, His plan of redemption, His promises, and His character. Lastly, I would like to encourage those who are interested in taking Bible Knowledge for 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says; therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. God bless. -- Ameline Joseph

I have been following the Bible Knowledge (BK) class conducted by SFA since Form 3. At first, the reason was just to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible as I was still considering whether to take it for SPM. To be honest, initially I found it quite a hassle as I had to give up my rest time on Saturdays to come for class. But, as I saw how much effort my teachers were putting in to teach and help us understand better, I strived to commit myself to learning the subject.

When I reache Form 5, I chose BK as an additional SPM subject. In hindsight, I thought there would be no complications as my school had approved students to take the subject before, but I was informed that the new headmistress wouldn’t allow me to take the subject. However, after Mr G. Anthony agreed to meet with her and explained how I had been following up with our parish’s BK classes and I was under the guidance of Teacher Melrose, she agreed to let me sit for the subject of the SPM exam, making me promise her an A for that subject. After the exam, I just prayed for the best as I had given it my full effort. As a result, I was so happy to receive good results and an A+ for BK. It made me feel truly grateful knowing that God had been with me. I would not have been able to achieve it without His work through my family, teachers and friends. I felt genuinely fulfilled and it was definitely worth the time and effort I put in.

My advice for some of you who wish to take the subject is to definitely take it! You won’t regret anything because you know that this isn’t any other science or mathematical subject, but in fact a subject on our very faith and knowledge of Jesus. It is a fairly reasonable subject on the difficulty level, but effort in understanding and knowing each Book by heart must be put in regularly. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to take the subject even if some people dissuade you, as it made me feel proud that I made a stand for my religion despite receiving discouragement, and I hope those wishing to take the subject will do the same. All the best and God bless! -- Kristin Yoong

Bible knowledge, or better known as BK, is a subject still available for examination, and I have taken it.

I started studying BK when I was Form 3. At first, I was reluctant to take it because I thought I would need to remember the whole Bible for the examination. I am a person who does not have a really good memory. But, I still went because my mom forced me to do so. Then I realised that it was not too bad as I did not need to remember the whole Bible. So I continued.

When the time came for me to register for my SPM subjects in Form 4, I realised that the Bible Knowledge section was left out, so I asked the teacher in charge of SPM in my school, SMK Taman Connaught. To my surprise, the school did not include the subject for registering. I immediately called my mom to inform her, and she was shocked. Under Mr G. Anthony’s advice, she went to the school immediately to clarify the situation.

There she met with the PK (Penolong Kanan) of the school, as the headmistress was not present. My mom told her that I would be sitting for BK. The PK asked if I could get an A for this subject. My mom replied that education is not about As.

Initially, I was very much pressured because of the A requirement, but thank God, He helped me to turn this pressure into motivation to do it. With the help of God, teachers, and my fellow buddies in arms, I managed to do it, and so did they. I scored an A-, but it’s more than enough to make a statement to the school, that I can do it and so can others.

But personally, this experience taught me about the world where the just are oppressed so brutally until it has crept into the education system. I’ve done it with the help of God and my parents. I’ve completed the mission, now it’s your turn. Will you accept this mission that has been assigned to you? Parents, are you willing to motivate and assist your children to complete this limited time mission of theirs? Always remember, you’re never alone. -- Benedict Choong

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