Sharings from MCCSD-3 participants

The Third Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day (MCCSD-3) was held in Kota Kinabalu June 3-8.

Jul 04, 2019

KOTA KINABALU: The Third Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day (MCCSD-3) was held in Kota Kinabalu June 3-8. About 350 campus students from the nine Arch/ dioceses of Malaysia participated in this event. Here are the sharings from some of the participants:

“I’m grateful to have participated in MCCSD-3. What touched me the most was the Mission Work. We visited the senior citizens in Hope Village, Tuaran. They were happy to receive us and gave us advice based on their experience. Some of them have stayed there for a long duration due to their conditions but no matter what, they still stay positive. They have inspired me to live a meaningful life on the will of God and not the pursuit of the world, because we certainly will find satisfaction in the love of God.” -- Vybalyn Atom, Keningau Diocese

“In the dialogue session, on how some people will receive the calling, I realise that, as humans, we make plans but God will determine our future. Also in relationships, God will find the right one when the time comes. Based on Dr Walton’s sharing, I believe if we face problems in our studies, God will lead us in the right path. I believe God has great plans for us.” -- Dora Madelina Jairy, Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese

“The session with Monica from ADRECC reminded me of my responsibility as a human being. I am sad that man can freely live and use all the resources on Earth but does not realise that we are actually killing many of God’s beautiful creations. I had my own reflection on how I had been simply using plastic materials without giving any thought to the consequences that the future might face. From this session, I felt the urge that something has to be done before it is too late. Instead of burning plastic trash and polluting the air, I should encourage my family and friends to practise making the ecobricks-plastic bottle filled with plastic trash to be used for other purposes. Monica helped us to make ecobricks. It was really a new thing that I have learnt to save our planet from plastic pollution. For the love of God, I believe, a little action could contribute to better changes.” -- Clara Joan Joachim, Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese

“Before joining MCCSD-3, I was not very sure myself on what MCCSD-3 is. I gathered my courage to join this event and told myself ‘I want to know where God wants to send me and I want to find the courage to say YES’. From the stress and the problems I’m going through, this phrase on the back of the MCCSD T-shirt caught my eye, ‘I am saying Yes, how about you?’. ‘Is this what God wants me to do?’ I asked my friend and she told me ‘Why should you be afraid? If you say Yes to God, He will guide you.’ I still question myself, ‘Is this what He plans for me?’ I listen to God’s calling. He has plans for us.”--Chrishelly Kulimbang, Penang Diocese

“The most unforgettable moments were the Love we had for each other throughout the event. Everyone was so warm and friendly and open to knowing new friends. Accepting the differences. Everyone bonded with the Love that Jesus teaches us. I couldn’t forget the workshops, especially the talk on Faith, Vocation and Calling. It made me ponder a lot about where God will put me in the future. Had He ever called me but I was so into the worldly life? That made me reflect a lot. My mission after participating in this MCCSD3 is to spread more love to everyone so that they’d be able to spread it to those who are lost. More events like this should be held in campuses as we students are constantly searching for the purpose of life.” -- Rapella Ron, Kuching Archdiocese

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