Sharings from our AYD participants

Sharings from our AYD participants

Sep 10, 2017

Be open to God’s voice and serve him

I’ve been in love with God’s mission since young and I’m always ready for the call to serve.

In this AYD7, I had a remarkable spiritual experience with God and an unforgettable encounter with the youths from Asian countries. It was God’s call for me to serve although I am not sure how and in what ministry. The plan became clear when I met with the youth delegates from the East Asian countries, namely China and Taiwan. I had a strong connection with them.

I felt deeply touched by their passion in practising the Catholic faith although the right to freely practise religion in China is being oppressed.

Let us all be more open to God’s voice and serve Him. It’s not going to be easy but it is worthwhile. -- Wilfred Nicholas Wong, Church of the Visitation, KL

Share God’s passion with others

I felt so proud to represent the Penang diocese at this big event. When we were in Palembang, the traditional welcome we received warmed us. The choirs touched our hearts and the dances from different countries were wonderful to see.

I could see from their spirit and faith that they are always prepared to serve God. I will share their passion with all my friends here. I believe this is what God wants me to do. I guess this is the meaning of my existence in this world. --Alice Ang Zi Qi, Penang

In unity to share the joy of Jesus together

AYD was a very memorable experience for me. Thank you Penang Diocese, for this opportunity. I really loved the stay with my foster family in Palembang and will forever be grateful to them for looking after me with love and joy. I also had the opportunity to experience their culture, and to see their faith in action and joyfulness in Christ with their simplicity, which inspired me.

The highlight of AYD for me was the unity all of us had in sharing the joy of Jesus together. Though the last few days were tough for me as I fell sick, the friends who were there with me and the prayers from everyone healed me. What touched me the most was to know that the joy of Christ is found in the simplest things around me.

Thank you to all the volunteers for the wonderful hospitality. I hope that the bond I’ve made with my foster family and my new friends from all around Asia will last a lifetime, and that we shall meet again someday by God’s grace. --Mary Anne Peter, Penang

ADOPT more inter-religious dialogues

AYD brought together Youths and Youth Ministers from all over Asia. Together with the Bishops of the respective Asian countries, AYD 2017 was an enriching experience for me.

From the Days in Dioceses right through to the Asian Youth Ministers’ Meeting, I could feel the joyful spirit of the volunteers. They were welcoming and hospitable.

The foster family I stayed with gave me their very best, even though they were very poor. I had the best bedding, meals and their unreserved love.

One of the events held during AYD was the inculturation between us and a group of Muslim youths invited to join in the celebration. If this can happen in Indonesia, we should adopt more such inter-religious dialogues in our respective parishes here in Malaysia. -- Daniel Roy Santiago, Penang

Simple yes brings joy to the youths
The food was no doubt amazing, but it was the warmth and genuineness of the hosts and participants that made AYD memorable. Their simple yes to Christ brought joy in their life and to the people around them; their simple yes, through Christ, touched our hearts.

The opportunity to meet and journey with these dynamic yet humble youth who love their faith is, indeed, a blessing. Each and every conversation and activity we shared led me to experience Christ in a whole new way. It was amazing to see the love and joy of Christ radiated through the young people, even in the most ordinary ways.

Through AYD, I’ve grown to learn that, just as in the Gospel, our lives today are always filled with joy. Amidst all the chaos and struggles, there is joy, because our joy is dependent only on God, and God remains the same forever and always. -- Brenda Lynn Julianose, Penang

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