South Johor Charismatic leaders ‘baptised and sent’

Charismatic leaders for all language groups of South Johor were commissioned and sent out during a Mass on Jan 21.

Feb 01, 2019

JOHOR BAHRU: Charismatic leaders for all language groups of South Johor were commissioned and sent out during a Mass on Jan 21.

Fr Cyril Mannayagam, head of the Malacca Johore Diocesan Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) was the main celebrant at the Mass at St. Mary’s Hall at the Church of the Immaculate Conception (CIC).

The gathering began with the Music Ministry’s Praise and Worship in different languages.
Fr. Mannayagam incorporated the theme for this year, Baptised and Sent and his homily touched on how we should be open to the Holy Spirit.

He said we must put ourselves in the presence of God and listen to the Holy Spirit.

He told the leaders present that they were called to renew themselves.

He said, “If we continue with what we did last year, then there is no growth in us.”

This year, we are called to remind ourselves, to ponder and to know the meaning of Baptised and Sent.

Fr Mannayagam mentioned that we have different challenges in the present time.

He called on the leaders of the various prayer groups to see what the needs of the people are in their own parishes today.

He told them to spend time in prayer, adding that, “we need to seek the direction of the Holy Spirit.”

He said we also need to know the journey our diocese has taken, in line with the four main thrusts.

We must first have a personal Encounter with the risen Lord. Through that encounter we are Enlightened by

His word and life. Once we are enlightened we Encourage others to come to this enlightenment that we have received. And we go forth to Evangelise and strengthen our baptism.

He also pointed out that the task of the prayer groups is to pray for the parish. Leaders need to give life to the parish. And in order to give life, we must always allow the Holy Spirit to work.

He said, “The Holy Spirit moves everyone in the same direction.”

He advised leaders of the prayer groups to come together in front of the Blessed Sacrament to spend some time in prayer to discern and seek the Holy Spirit to give the right direction.

The priest later laid his hands on the leaders, prayed over them, commissioned and sent them forth. — By Vincent D’Silva

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