Spreading the Fire

Malaysia marked the Golden Jubilee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) with a 2-day renewal programme themed Spreading The Fire.

Sep 10, 2017

By Lavinia Louis
Three talks were held throughout the two-day Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) as follows:

-- Bear Witness to the Christian Faith through CCR,
-- Fellowship with each other through the Holy Spirit in Communion
-- Service to One Another through CCR.

To Bear Witness to the Christian Faith through CCR

The talk was given by full-time lay preacher, Jude Antoine, who highlighted that the Church is in need of a new pentecost.

“A new pentecost is what we pray for, that the Holy Spirit will continue to evangelise the Christian faith!” he said.

Antoine shared that there would not be any new evangelisation if there was no new pentecost.

“In order for a new Pentecost to take place, we need to open ourselves to the Holy Spirit; only then can God do new things to us through the Holy Spirit,” he said.

Antoine also shared that it is a challenge to cry out for a New Pentecost.

“God brought you here to help create a New Pentecost for the Church. It cannot happen with one or two persons. The whole Church needs to experience it. We need to move from our old way and experience something new everyday, just like how God’s love is new for you every day,” he said.

Fellowship with each other through the Holy Spirit in Communion

Fr Christopher Lee of the Malacca-Johore Diocese spoke on fellowship.

“Fellowship is known as Koinonia in Greek which means communion, joint participation, contribution and also sharing of intimacy with the Lord through the Holy Spirit during communion,” he said.

Relating to Acts 2: 42-47, Fr Lee said this text is the pillar of our Christian faith.

“To live by the teaching of the apostles, to share the communion of life, the breaking of bread and prayer,” he said.

Fr Lee went on to share that the breaking of bread refers to the Holy Eucharist.

“When the apostles heard the preaching from Jesus, their hearts were on fire and when they sat at the table to break the bread, they truly believed that it was Jesus,” he said.

Service to One Another Through CCR

The final talk was given by Jude Antoine who urged all present to yield to God so as to be renewed by the Holy Spirit.

“Faith without work is nothing. When you start giving, God will give back to you,” he said.

Antoine shared on his personal experience. A fellow Christian donated a pair of shoes to one of his daughters. Unfortunately, it did not fit his eldest daughter’s feet, so she had to give them to her younger sister.

“A few months later, another fellow Christian donated another pair, exactly the same, only one size bigger, and it fit perfectly for my eldest daughter.

“This is a perfect example. When you share and give all you have in faith, God will renew you and give back what you have given,” he said.

Antoine went on to share on Pope Francis’ homily during the Chrism Mass on 28 March 2013 when he explained about the fresh oil of the Holy Spirit that flowed from the robe of the High Priest Aaron as read in the Old Testament.

The High Priest back then had a beard. He would wear a breast plate to symbolise that God’s people are close to his heart. The breast plate had 12 stones which symbolise the twelve tribes of Israel.

“The oil would flow from the head down to the beard and then drip onto the breast plate and continue to flow to the ends of the robe. This signified that the oil flows from the top, down to the diocese, to the people of every tribe and nation and to the ends of the earth,” he said.

To conclude, Antoine urged all charismatics to go out and share what they had learnt and experienced throughout the two days to ensure that the oil continues to flow.

“This is a form of serving and what you give, God will give back, he said.

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