Students learn that they are gifts from God to others

The Churchof St Francis of Assisi recentlyheld their annual Form 1, 2 &3 camp at Golden Sands Baptist Assembly.

Oct 12, 2018

By Henry Eliezer
The Churchof St Francis of Assisi recently held their annual Form 1, 2 &3 camp at Golden Sands Baptist Assembly. The camp was aimed at helping the teens understand that they are gifts from God to them selves and others.

With 40 students participating the camp was a lively and bubbly. The head presenters,Helena Michael and her team added to the lively atmosphere with fun filled activities and sessions to constantly keep these youths on their toes at all times.

Upon their arrival, the students had a simple ice breaking session. Then together with Helena, they decided on the ground rules to ensure every one would ad here to them. This was followed by dinner and a night session with Shaun. The students were enlightened on the fact that they are gifts of God given to the world and that they are all special and unique in their very own way as that is God’s gift to each one of them.

The next morning, they hada small morning prayer at thebeach. With the waves setting acalm ambience for the morning prayer, it was a good way to startthe day for the students, with songs led by Peter and Shaun,members of Helena’s team.

After breakfast, the wholemorning and afternoon sessionsshowcased that both boys andgirls are special gifts to thosearound them, as well as to Godhimself. In all the sessions, the students learned how they are gifts of God to the world andhow they are special, chosen tobe in the kingdom of God. The students also learned about how they are loved by those around them and even if they don’t fee lloved, they are always showered with God’s own love.

In the evening, there was timefor the teens to play football andgo to the beach.

At night, after Mass celebrated by Fr Paul Cheong OFM Cap,they watched an inspirational movie to learn how being different is a gift on its own.On the last day, they had games where they learned to trust those around them.

Before leaving, there was a photo session and the children prepared to return home.

For many, the camp achieveda two-fold objective —the teens not only enjoyed them selves but also learnt theirworth to those around themand to God himself.

Here are some comments from the students:

“The camp was good and fun as we had loads of free time and were not treated like kids.” -- Dwayne Luke (F3)

“This camp enlightened my understanding of faith and taught me more of God and I loved the morning prayer by the beach!” -- Alicia Natasha (F3)

“The facilitators were good and I am so thankful God brought me there and kept everyone safe.” — Jeremy Choong (F2) “At first, we were taught that we are gifts to those around us and that those around us are gifts to us, this really made us appreciate ourselves even more.” -- (F2)

“I had loads of fun and enjoyed myself tremendously. The most interesting parts was my discovery of Jesus and also the Bible!” -- Joshua D (F1)

“The camp was exciting and fun. I am very happy to say that I had fun participating in the activities that were held and that I got to know that each one us is a gift of God. Eventhough we may want to become somebody else, we are already perfect in God’s eyes, no matter who we are.” -- Yashrine Elisha (F3)

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