The Year of the Pig 2019: Gong Xi Fa Cai

The Pig is a domestic animal which is also used for sacrifice.

Feb 02, 2019

By Fr Stephen Chin
The Pig is a domestic animal which is also used for sacrifice.

Its meat is much esteemed by the Chinese in particular and humans in general. If you can eat it, eat and thank God for it.

The Pig is infected with trichinosis and other disease-carrying bacterias.

The God of swine (pig) is especially sought after to heal porcine (pig related) diseases. But when we are sick, we should turn to God and the God given human doctor to cure us.

The Pig is the last of the symbolical animals, corresponding to the twelve branches.

The term: “Zhu” pig is often sought after as a surname, to deviate the evil spirits to mistakenly believe that the person is a pig and thereby no harm comes to the person (who is usually sick). As we must not allow superstition to creep into our souls, we turn to God and His angels and saints for protection from evil spirits.

Given new names in God’s task: Abram has his name changed to Abraham, after accepting God’s call, (Jacob to Israel). This happened in the scriptures when God calls a person for a specific task.

When we were baptised or confirmed, we were given new names. Religious also have their names changed when they give themselves to God with a live-long commitment.

Pig depicts ignorance
Search for wisdom. God is wisdom. Let us not remain in ignorance. The Lord God has revealed Himself to us and has enlightened us to have the knowledge of Salvation. Let us seek Him, Christ the Lord. He will lead us to His Kingdom of Peace and Happiness.

The Coming of a PIG into the house betokens ‘Poverty’
The advent of a dog means “riches” as a pig eats and sleeps whereas the dog who is faithful and industrious protects the master’s family (from harm)

We should take care not to be lazy and slothful. Be watchful, industrious and hardworking in our lives, especially in our spiritual life of union with God.

(In Spirit) Blessed are those who are poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven — one of the Eight Beatitudes. Yes, be detached from created things. Be attached to Heavenly things in union with Christ the Lord and do the heavenly will of God so that you will be infinitely rich.

Pig and Family
The character meaning family or ‘home’ is made up of a pig under one roof Do not use my name to learn to be lazy! Do not think that I bring “poverty” to your home. I bring poverty to you in the Lord, so that you will be rich in God to possess the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you for listening, I don’t want to take away your precious time. So enjoy yourself. Enjoy me and be happy in this Chinese New Year.

I too share the same sentiments of our friend’s (pig’s) speech. I am pleasantly surprised how the pig, who is considered ignorant has such an inspiration to address us with such wisdom! It is God’s doing.

May the good Lord Jesus Bless you and your beloved family, on this Happy Occasion of the Chinese New Year of the PIG, our wonderful friend, God’s Loving creature. -- Sacred Heart Church, Kuching, Sarawak

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