Uni students have first online family gathering

The Catholic Students’ Society of University of Malaya (CSSUM) had their first Family Gathering (FG) for the academic year of 2020/2021 on November 13.

Nov 28, 2020

KUALA LUMPUR: The Catholic Students’ Society of University of Malaya (CSSUM) had their first Family Gathering (FG) for the academic year of 2020/2021 on November 13. It was our first time organising a virtual FG as our previous FGs were usually done physically in UM. FGs are the biweekly meetings of our society and serve the purpose of strengthening the bond between our members and acting as a place for all of us to learn more about our faith.

The theme for our first FG was Why should I believe in God? and we chose this theme to help set the scene for our future gatherings. We started off with the gospel reading for that day and had a praise and worship session with the song Dengan Apa Kan Kubalas. Next, we had our ice-breaking game, Bingo intro, which was definitely a great time for everyone! One of the questions in the game was “If you were a YouTuber, what type of content would you go  for?” There was a variety of responses ranging from wanting to become a YouTube cover artist who doesn’t show their face to making videos about trying delectable cake icings!

Finally, it was time for the main event of our gathering — tackling the question of “Why should we believe in God?”. Jacinta, from the Archdiocesan Single Adults and Youth Office Kuala Lumpur (ASAYO KL), gave a short presentation illuminating the topic and got our minds primed for the small group discussions. One of the points she made was that we all long for happiness and we may have tried looking for it through success, career opportunities, and possessions. However, complete and lasting happiness can only be found in God. We all naturally long for Him and that is why the things of this world are not enough to satisfy our desire for everlasting happiness.

Next, we broke into four small groups of about five to eight people using the breakout room feature in Zoom. Each group discussed different questions related to the theme of believing in God. The small groups allowed everyone to share their opinions on the topic. After 25 minutes, everyone reconvened in the big group to share what they learned in the small groups. By listening to the sharings of others, we were all able to encourage one another to continue believing in our faith and helped clear up doubts that any of us had regarding our faith.

After a fruitful discussion and quality time with friends, we came to the end of our family gathering. We took a group photo before proceeding with the closing prayer. When the gathering officially  ended, we said our goodbyes and went our own ways. However, we left the video call on for a few minutes after the gathering ended so that our members could stay back if they wanted to chit-chat and catch up with each other. Since everything was done online this semester, online meetings such as this are among the few pockets of time we have with each other.

It was our first virtual FG and we couldn’t be any happier about how well it went. Who says you can’t have fun during an online gathering?

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