We have not been proper guardians of the earth

In China, monuments of beauty and pleasure, Raking money from tourists. In Malaysia, government and thieves, Gnawing at the mountains.

Oct 12, 2019

Dear Editor,
Mountains and caves,
Majestic then,
now dishevelled, disparaged.
In China, monuments of
beauty and pleasure,
Raking money from tourists.
In Malaysia,
government and thieves,
Gnawing at the mountains.
In the name of development,
Caring for their own pockets.
Remember ‘Nature’s Revenge’.
Soon we will have to pay back,
For greedy exploitation
and selfish abuse.
Stop blasting and stripping
the mountains,
Stop destroying wild life
and their habitats.
Explore and make feasible
the mountains and caves.

Rivers and seas,
Clean and clear then,
now muddy oozy wounds,
In China, one sails and looks
in awe at landscapes,
A source of lasting
income and revenue.
In Malaysia,
rubbish and chemicals dump,
Wiping out aquatic
creatures and plants.
Intoxicating land, air and water.
So ashamed when I behold,
Rejang River becomes yellow river.
Even broadcasted,
advertised world wide!
Stop all upstream
logging and clearing,
Annihilate all factories
exuding toxic fumes and liquid.
Promote composting all food waste,
A source of free organic fertiliser.

Roads and parks,
Dumping ground for litter bugs.
In Singapore,
fines for every little bit,
In Malaysia, persistent eyesores.
Thrown from all habitations,
even cars!
Plastics, paper, cans ...you name it.
Enforce stricter laws
and heavy fines,
Terminate production of plastics.
Install refill centres
for processed water.
Return to the pre-plastics era,
When we used leaves
and paper for wrappings,
Plant fibres for strings,
Glass and metal containers,
Straw baskets
instead of plastic bags.

Forest and fields,
Stripped and raped unscrupulously.
Most now donned with plantations,
Everywhere oil palms
and now musang king!
In India, fines for any trees
chopped down,
In Malaysia, who cares for the
Acts, Ordinances or EIAs.
Gaping wounds and
scars here and there,
Sad Mother earth grossly disfigured.
In the name of God
give peace to all wildlife,
Let them keep their homes
and sanctuaries.

Nail all poachers,
plant more trees.
Stop deforestation,
nail all illegal logging.
Preserve our fragile ecosystem.
Publicise and implement the 5Rs.

Infrastructures and homes,
Concrete and steel,
encroaching greens,
Mushrooming throughout our land.
In Laudato Si’,
Pope Francis appealed,
For a new dialogue
to shape our planet’s future.
In our Church, all should care
for God’s creation.
Address environmental
and ecological crisis.
Replace fossil energy
with renewable energy,
Promote solar, hydro
and wind power.
Enforce use of
electric vehicles
instead of petrol.
Condemn all vehicles
belching black or white smoke.
Inculcate green plants into buildings.
Wake up all who tread on this land,
Spring into action
before it’s too late.

Genesis 2:15 tells us :
‘The Lord God took the man and
put him in the Garden of Eden to
work it and take care of it.’
Sadly we have done too much tilling
and not enough keeping.

John Tay,

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