WYD 2019: Malaysian pilgrims share their experience

The 51 pilgrims from Malaysia who attended the World Youth Day in Panama have been strengthened by the faith they witnessed and are raring to share th

Jan 30, 2019

The 51 pilgrims from Malaysia who attended the World Youth Day in Panama have been strengthened by the faith they witnessed and are raring to share their experiences with their friends and family in Malaysia.

See below for their sharings.

“Praise the Lord, I had a fruitful trip. This was my first ever World Youth Day (WYD).

Both the Days in the Diocese in Colon and WYD in Panama City I stayed with a foster family. This was a great experience for me as the family really treated me very well, just like a real family member.

“Then, we had a pilgrimage, stations of the cross and rosary. It was excellent, although all the youths were from different countries and speaking different languages, but we prayed together and worshipped God together.

“Finally, I was inspired by what Pope Francis said to all the youths: be like Mary, always be courage to say ‘YES’ to God.” -- Dominic Ng, Malacca Johore Diocese

“The Days In Diocese at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Colón - Kuna Yala, Panama has indeed been an exciting experience for me. Throughout the week, I made friends and had experiences that I will never forget. One of the things that impacted me would be how nice the Catholics from Colón were towards other Catholics from all over the globe. This made me realise how we Catholics should be receptive to others regardless of their background.

“Hence I pledge to be more receptive to the will of God and all for Christ. ‘Thy will be done’ and ‘Christ conquers, Christ reigns, Christ commands.’” -- Aaron Matanjun, Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese

“Our two weeks of journey in this foreign country has truly given me countless memorable memories. During the DID in Colon, we met a lot of new friends from various countries. We prayed and played together as a family for one week, not forgetting our foster family who treated us like their own family and served us with different types of delicacy every day.

“During the main event in Panama City, almost everything I saw amazed me, from their churches, buildings, foods and culture. But what has truly changed and strengthened my faith as a Catholic was the spirit and determination of all pilgrims across the globe to unite and gather in one place to share their faith with everyone, even when we had to walk countless kilometres. Every time I saw a disabled person who joined the WYD, I was amazed and was encouraged never to give up.

“This WYD also has given me new strength to lead our Campus Ministry of Malacca Johore Diocese. There is a lot to share and I hope and pray that through my sharing I will be able to empower every person in the campus and inspire them to join the next WYD in Lisbon, Portugal in 2022.” -- Joe Baxter, Malacca Johore Diocese

“When I s a w Darien (Days in Diocese, DID, La Palma in photos), my first impression of was “Wahhh we have to go to a kampung? With no electricity?” But to my amazement it was much different than to what I had expected. Now only amazement and awe comes to mind when I think of that place!

“Google will show just a fisher man’s town or a small jungle village. But in that place, I saw God alive! I saw God’s love in the community. The love for each other and for us pilgrims was so great! Their selflessness knows no bounds. If visiting La Palma has taught me anything, it tells me Christ is Alive! Their hearts beat with His love!

I pray that everyone reading this, whether old or young, or whatsoever race, religion, nationality; that you can imitate their selflessness for each other. Be the person who makes the change for peace! -- Joshua Matthew Lee Jia Bao, Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese

“I am here witnessing something that I have never dreamt of — being part of the World Youth Day celebration.

“I teared when I had a glimpse of the Pope. Thanks to Almighty God for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime which cannot be substituted. Participating as a pilgrim in the World Youth Day is the most meaningful moment in my life. Thank you Jesus.” --Josephine Mary Agustine, Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese

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