• Sower, seeds, soil and saints

    Jul 21, 2017

    Last week, we looked at how Jesus’ call for us to be “salt for the earth” could be seen as an exhortation for us to nourish the soil from which his kingdom will emerge.

  • You are fertiliser – not just table salt – for the earth!

    Jul 14, 2017

    Most of us feel helpless when confronting the numerous challenges facing us — whether local, national or global.

  • Latin Mass decision gave rise to new divisiveness

    Jul 14, 2017

    The 10th anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s apostolic letter Summorum Pontificum was celebrated on July 7. This document gave wider permission to the clergy to celebrate Mass according to the 1962 missal of St Pope John XXIII and gave instructions to the bishops to permit the lay faithful to celebrate this “extraordinary form” of the Mass when they so desired.

  • Inchoate desire

    Jul 14, 2017

    Sometimes while praying the Psalms, I’m caught looking quite uncomfortably into a mirror reflecting back to me my own seeming dishonesty.

  • Salt of the Earth: Over 800 youths immersed, exposed to social realities

    Jul 07, 2017

    In recent years, there has been much talk about the importance of inclusiveness, compassion and mercy in the Church and in the world.

  • To whom can we go?

    Jul 07, 2017

    Peter says these words to Jesus. But they are spoken in a very conflicted context: Jesus had just said something that upset and offended his audience and the gospels tell us that everyone walked away grumbling that what Jesus was teaching was “intolerable”.

  • Reducing violence by reducing inequality

    Jun 23, 2017

    Reducing violence by reducing inequality

  • Christianity and noon-day fatigue

    Jun 23, 2017

    There’s a popular notion which suggests that it can be helpful to compare every century of Christianity’s existence to one year of life.

  • The uncertain path to transforming the world

    Jun 16, 2017

    In 1893, a young Indian attorney, was thrown out of a whites-only carriage during a train journey in South Africa. He was left stranded on a railway station platform, feeling thoroughly humiliated.

  • The seamless garment

    Jun 16, 2017

    John of the Cross teaches that, within spirituality and morality, there are no exempt areas. Simply put, you cannot be a saint or a highly moral person if you allow yourself a moral exemption or two.