• Dual citizenship

    Nov 21, 2018

    I live on both sides of a border. Not a geographical one, but one which is often a dividing line between two groups.

  • ‘You have the poor with you always’?

    Nov 17, 2018

    No matter how rich a country grows, no matter how fast the economy grows, somehow the problem of poverty does not seem to disappear.

  • When is our life fulfilled?

    Nov 16, 2018

    “It is fulfilled!” The Greek word here is Tetelesti. This was an expression used by artists to signify that a work was completely finished and that nothing more could be added to it. It was also used to express that something was complete.

  • 1MDB is tip of the iceberg of illicit outflow of funds

    Nov 09, 2018

    Many Malaysians heaved a sigh of relief when the US Department of Justice announced that fugitive Jho Low would be indicted over his role in the 1MDB scandal.

  • A right way of dying

    Nov 09, 2018

    I do not want to die from some medical condition; I want to die from death!

  • Reaching out to depressed alienated youth

    Nov 03, 2018

    One of the main themes of the recent month-long synod of the youth was the emphasis on the very concept of synodality – a move towards decentralisatio

  • Faith and levity

    Nov 03, 2018

    Shusaku Endo, the Japanese author of the classic novel, Silence (upon which Martin Scorsese based his movie), was a Catholic who didn’t always find his native land, Japan, sympathetic to his faith. He was misunderstood but kept his balance and good heart by placing a high value on levity.

  • Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor

    Oct 27, 2018

    The Oct 19 landslide at the construction site of a stretch of the Bukit Kukus elevated ‘paired road’ in southern Penang Island that killed seven and left three others missing has shocked the nation. Three others were also injured.

  • Beyond criticism and anger – the invitation to a deeper empathy

    Oct 26, 2018

    Recently, I attended a symposium where the keynote speaker was a man exactly my age. Since we had both lived through the same cultural and religious c

  • In the new Malaysia, four remarkable developments and four challenges

    Oct 19, 2018

    In a world where some government are becoming more repressive and even totalitarian, Malaysia has offered hope over the last couple of weeks.