• Praying when we don’t know how

    Jul 04, 2020

    He taught us how to pray while not knowing how to pray. That’s a comment sometimes made about Henri Nouwen.

  • A guide as we venture out into a post-lockdown world

    Jun 27, 2020

    As the world gradually opens up after the coronavirus pandemic and people emerge from their homes, many are uncertain.

  • Our deep failure in charity

    Jun 27, 2020

    St Eugene de Mazenod, the founder of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, the Religious Congregation to which I belong, left us with these last words as he lay dying: “Among yourselves, charity, charity, charity”.

  • The fork in the road ahead

    Jun 20, 2020

    As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, the road before us reveals a fork. One path ahead will take us to a familiar place – the world we left behind before the pandemic, which was probably the result of human beings encroaching into natural habitats.

  • Dying with dignity

    Jun 20, 2020

    The movie Million Dollar Baby tells the story of a young woman who becomes a professional boxer. Young, strong, and physically very attractive she captures your heart as, against all odds, she eventually rises to the top in her sport.

  • When Trump ‘triumphantly’ held up a Bible outside a church

    Jun 14, 2020

    A lot of things have happened since Pentecost Sunday, days after African-American George Floyd was murdered at the hands of several police officers in Minnesota. We witnessed in the media the peaceful protests and the riots, and then Donald Trump “triumphantly” raising a Bible in front of a church close to the White House (which someone suggested should be renamed the President’s Residence because of the racial overtones of the existing name).

  • A magnificent defeat

    Jun 14, 2020

    In his book The Magnificent Defeat, the renowned novelist and preacher, Frederick Buechner, takes up this question by focusing on the biblical character, Jacob. He, as we know, twice cheated his brother, Esau. Catching him hungry and vulnerable, Jacob buys his birthright from him for a meal.

  • We are all George Floyd!

    Jun 07, 2020

    Most of us must have been troubled by the news of what is happening in the US in the aftermath of the horrific death of George Floyd, who was killed by police officers.

  • Some advice on prayer from an old master

    Jun 07, 2020

    At the risk of being simplistic, I want to say something about prayer in a very simple way.

  • Imagining a new world this Pentecost

    May 31, 2020

    “Life is pretty different being in lockdown. We are in a pause and it feels very different not being able to engage with people, be in places where there are many people, you can hang out with other people,” he said.