• Race, religion – and the fire of greed

    Oct 13, 2019

    Of late, the politics of race and religion has resurfaced in Malaysia, as if gasping for air after being submerged by last year’s political tsunami.

  • Creating and holding space for our brokenness

    Oct 12, 2019

    Some years ago I went on a weekend retreat given by a woman who made no secret about the fact that not being able to have children constituted a deep

  • SOS — Save Our Seas

    Oct 05, 2019

    Rising sea levels will displace hundreds of millions of coastal residents from their homes by this century. If we don’t take action to curb emissions, the rise could be as much as 60- 110cm by 2100.

  • Jesus Christ – the person and the mystery

    Oct 05, 2019

    We quite naturally tend to think of the word “Christ” as Jesus’ second name. We think of the name “Jesus Christ” like we think of names like “Susan Parker” or “Jack Smith”.

  • Some counsels on faith and religion for our present generation

    Sep 27, 2019

    It’s no secret that today we’re witnessing a massive decline in church attendance and, seemingly, a parallel loss of interest in religion.

  • The problem with ‘great wealth’

    Sep 27, 2019

    The focus is on creating a more egalitarian society. For Piketty, what propels progress is the struggle for equality and education. Ownership of property is just temporary.

  • The scent of humility

    Sep 20, 2019

    According to Isaac the Syrian, a famous 7th Century bishop and theologian, a person who’s genuinely humble gives off a certain scent that other people will sense and that even animals will pick up, so that wild animals, including snakes, will fall under its spell and never harm that person.

  • Making the impossible dream possible

    Sep 20, 2019

    Last weekend saw the sealing of a pact between a race-based political party and a party with an exclusive religious agenda.

  • Late migrations

    Sep 14, 2019

    Jesus says that if we follow him, the cross, pain, will find us.

  • The millions of ordinary encounters that enrich Malaysia

    Sep 14, 2019

    The other day, I stepped into a ride-hailing driven by a young man who once worked in the civil service. A cheery “Hello!” greeted me the moment I stepped into the taxi late that night.