• Re-discovering wisdom and spirituality in the economy

    Aug 19, 2016

    Much of the concern of planners and economists focuses on economic growth, foreign direct investments, infrastructure spending and all the traditional indicators of economic success.

  • Fear

    Aug 19, 2016

    Unless you are already a full saint or a mystic, you will always live in some fear of death and the afterlife. That’s simply part of being human. But we can, and must, move beyond our fear of God.

  • Schumacher’s ‘Small is Beautiful’ is still relevant in our world today

    Aug 11, 2016

    In our present world, whenever a community or society is confronted with a problem, the solution has often been to come up with large or giant projects. We are all too familiar with the tendency to come up with mega projects that run into millions, or even billions, of ringgit.

  • Our fear of hell

    Aug 11, 2016

    Hell is never a nasty surprise waiting for a basically happy person. Hell can only be the full-flowering of a pride and selfishness that have, through a long time, twisted a heart so thoroughly that it considers happiness as unhappiness and has an arrogant disdain for happy people.

  • What is driving the culture of greed and corruption?

    Aug 05, 2016

    Of late, we have read about how some folks have splashed out huge sums of money on high living — cruise ships, celebrity parties, expensive fashion accessories, luxury penthouse suites, lavish casino forays, art collections.

  • Suicide and mental health

    Aug 05, 2016

    As a young boy, I longed to be a professional athlete but I had to soon accept the unwelcome fact that I simply wasn’t gifted with an athlete’s body.

  • The Cardinal sin of greed

    Jul 28, 2016

    The US Department of Justice revelations about 1MDB have shocked many Malaysians. All those transfers of public money belonging to the nation have left many Malaysians bewildered and upset.

  • Angels with sickles and God’s fury

    Jul 28, 2016

    There’s a haunting text in the Book of Revelation where poetic image, for all its beauty, can be dangerously misleading.

  • Our deepest insecurity

    Jul 22, 2016

    Each day, as Jesus himself tells us, brings problems enough for the day. We’re unhappy for reasons too many to count.

  • More sustainable economic policies needed to empower excluded communities

    Jul 21, 2016

    Around the world — and even at home, there is a crisis of sorts. People are feeling the pinch of a higher costs of living. Rising costs of housing, co