Recent Editorial

  • Dictatorships begin with taking over media to spread lies

    Jun 23, 2018

    All dictatorships begin the same way: media outlets are put in the hands of “unscrupulous” people who spread lies and weaken democracy.

  • Separating immigrant families is a cruel means to a cruel end

    Jun 23, 2018

    Every time it seems the Trump administration’s immigration policy cannot get any worse, it does.

  • Blindly following the law is not ‘biblical’

    Jun 23, 2018

    The United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s recent use of the Bible to justify the Trump administration’s wantonly cruel migration policies, which now include tearing children away from their parents at the US-Mexico border, was disgraceful.

  • Accountability a virtue in churches and banks

    Jun 08, 2018

    Accountability, that is individuals being held accountable for those matters for which they are either formally or practically responsible, is a vital link between leaders and their communities, whether they are members, supporters, shareholders or voters.

  • Pope Francis ‘ashamed’ of culture of abuse and cover-up in Chilean Church

    Jun 08, 2018

    In a letter to Catholics in Chile, Pope Francis expressed shame for the Church’s failure to listen to and defend survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy.

  • A-G’s Appointment: Malaysians want the best irrespective of race!

    Jun 08, 2018

    On May 9, 2018, Malaysians crossed the boundaries of race and religion and came together shedding their fear and suspicion to throw out a corrupt regi

  • Irish Bishop hopes papal visit can help bring healing after abortion vote

    Jun 01, 2018

    An Irish Bishop said he hopes Pope Francis’ August visit can help bring healing after a divisive referendum that will pave the way for abortion on dem

  • Voters in Ireland pave way for abortion on demand

    Jun 01, 2018

    Voters in Ireland have opted to remove the right to life of the unborn from the country’s constitution, paving the way for abortion on demand up to 12 weeks.

  • Laity asks Indian bishops: “Be Bold”!

    Jun 01, 2018

    The All India Catholic Union (AICU), the largest lay organisation in India, on May 24, expressed serious concern at alleged attempts by the federal government and others to divide the Christian Churches in the country.

  • People before profits

    May 25, 2018

    Two days after the anniversary of Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum (May 15, 1891), two dicasteries of the Roman Curia — the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development — published a new document titled Oeconomicae et pecuniariae quaestiones: Considerations for an ethical discernment on certain aspects of the current economic-financial system. Its thirty-four paragraphs go from general moral principles to practical proposals for reforming the international financial system.