Recent Editorial

  • Pope Francis says he welcomes constructive criticism

    Sep 20, 2019

    Speaking aboard the papal plane from Madagascar to Rome Tuesday, Pope Francis said he welcomes criticism if it is given openly, fairly, and with a willingness to be debated.

  • Pope hopes ‘seeds of peace’ will bear fruit in Africa

    Sep 20, 2019

    Upon his return to the Vatican after a six-day trip to Africa, Pope Francis said Wednesday that he hopes the "seeds of peace" sown during his apostolic journey will bear fruit in Mozambique, Madagascar, and Mauritius.

  • Inspired by the Pope, the Vietnamese Church promotes the integration of migrants

    Sep 14, 2019

    The bishops organised a national conference. Bishop Joseph Do Manh Hung calls for "realistic and concrete" pastoral care. Since 1979, many Vietnamese priests and religious assist their compatriots in various Asian countries.

  • Who is behind Hong Kong’s youth?

    Sep 14, 2019

    Some suspect the US or other powers to be behind the steadfast resistance of he the past three months. In reality, the people of Hong Kong are united by a desire for democracy, fair wages, social housing, and freedom. Meanwhile, Western governments are silent, or just talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

  • Too little, too late

    Sep 14, 2019

    Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam finally proposed to do what she should have done three months ago: to formally withdraw the controversial extradition bill that has plunged Hong Kong into its worst political crisis since the handover to China 22 years ago.

  • Mgr Suharyo’s appointment as cardinal causes joy and pride in Indonesia

    Sep 06, 2019

    On 5 October, Pope Francis will hold a consistory for the future cardinal and twelve other prelates. Muslims and Protestants share Catholics’ satisfaction. His distinctive traits are humility, insight and spiritual depth, says Mgr Yustinus Harjosusanto.

  • Save the wider biological world

    Sep 06, 2019

    From Oct 6-27, the Vatican will host the special Synod of Bishops for the Amazon that will give special Church focus on one of the planet’s major biomes — and the threats facing the region and its indigenous peoples — recently spotlighted to global attention through devastating wildfires burning in parts of the vast rainforest.

  • New cardinals: Pope’s choices stress dialogue, care for poor

    Sep 06, 2019

    Announcing the new cardinals, Francis said they illustrate “the missionary vocation of the Church that continues to proclaim the merciful love of God to all men and women of the earth.”

  • Preparing for the next conclave!

    Sep 06, 2019

    After the consistory to create new cardinals in early October, Pope Francis will have chosen more than half of the men who will enter the Sistine Chapel to elect his successor.

  • If the Amazon suffers, the world suffers

    Aug 31, 2019

    A record number of wildfires and the increasing rate of deforestation of the Amazon in 2019 have called international attention to Brazil’s failure to protect the world’s biggest rainforest.