Recent Editorial

  • The four-fold expressions of Integral Conversion

    Nov 02, 2019

    The synod document’s proposal to change universal Church discipline on clerical celibacy and new roles for women contains strong exhortations on environmental issues and the rights of indigenous peoples.

  • Critics of Amazon Synod ignore facts of history

    Oct 26, 2019

    Accusations of bowing to ‘paganism’ display an ignorance of how the Church has “baptised”cultures throughout history

  • The changing face of the global Catholic mission

    Oct 26, 2019

    The world is changing, and so is the Church. A hundred years ago, in November 1919, Pope Benedict XV wrote an apostolic letter on mission, Maximum Ill

  • As Amazon Synod begins, Pope looks to proceed with a ‘pastoral heart’

    Oct 13, 2019

    Pope Francis opened the first plenary session of the synod for the Amazon region this morning by praying with the synod participants at the tomb of St Peter in the basilica dedicated to his name and then gave an incisive speech to offer some direction to guide them over the next three weeks.

  • Synod will find the truth about the Amazon

    Oct 13, 2019

    Bishop Gilberto Alfredo Vizcarra Mori of Jaén (Peru) and President of the Amazonian Centre for Anthropology and Practical Application (CAAAP), actively participated in preparing for the Synod of Bishops’ special assembly for the Amazon (Oct 6-27).

  • Holy Spirit is the principal actor of the Synod

    Oct 13, 2019

    Pope Francis began his address to the Synod Fathers reading from a text he had himself written. He highlighted what he called “the four dimensions of the synod: the pastoral dimension, the cultural dimension, the social dimension and the ecological dimension” and concluded by asking the synod fathers “to protect” the synod process by not divulging to the media what is said inside the synod hall.

  • October is Mission Month: Baptised and Sent

    Oct 05, 2019

    In the October calendar of Vatican events, Pope Francis’s “Extraordinary Missionary Month” may be overshadowed by the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon and its related events.

  • Accurate reading of presynod text shows nothing to fear

    Oct 05, 2019

    It only takes an accurate, unbiased reading of The Amazon: New Paths For The Church And For Integral Ecology to see its aim to find new ways to evange

  • Amazon inhabitants hope synod will address lack of priestsr

    Sep 27, 2019

    The upcoming Synod of Bishops for the Amazon will focus on the devastating effects of climate change on the environment and on indigenous communities, but it also will look at ways to meet the spiritual needs of the region’s people.

  • Evangelisation is about helping people know God’s love

    Sep 27, 2019

    Evangelization means first helping people to know God and to know his immense love for them, which is done in part through the witness of one’s life and joy, Pope Francis.