Recent Editorial

  • A plan to eliminate last vestiges of the old papal court?

    Jan 27, 2019

    There is word that Pope Francis is soon to issue two apostolic letters motu proprio (by his own authority) that will make further significant changes to the current structure of the Roman Curia, even before he promulgates a new apostolic constitution in the coming months that will totally reorganise the Church’s central bureaucracy.

  • Women Deacons: Is the time almost here again?

    Jan 27, 2019

    In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a significant, and perhaps soon to be historic, gathering took place at Fordham University in New York.

  • Women were deacons in the early Church

    Jan 27, 2019

    Women served as deacons in Europe for about a millennium in a variety of ministerial and sacramental roles, according to Phyllis Zagano, an author and

  • Rising nationalism, weakening multilateralism

    Jan 18, 2019

    In his traditional New Year’s greetings to the ambassadors from 183 countries that maintain diplomatic relations with the Holy See, Pope Francis warned that the rise of nationalism and the weakening of the multilateral approach to resolving problems are among the most serious challenges facing the world today.

  • Beijing’s foreign policy increasingly tone deaf

    Jan 18, 2019

    Beijing's aggressive foreign policy, led by President Xi Jinping, is increasingly tone deaf to a growing wave of global public opinion against China that is forcing politicians in democracies to make choices to either resist China, or submit and face suspicions of having come under Beijing's influence.

  • Anniversaries in 2019 to better understand the Church

    Jan 12, 2019

    There will be a number of im- portant appointments for Pope Francis and the Catholic Church in 2019, beginning with more pa- pal journeys to the perip

  • Pope's Christmas message models good classroom practice

    Jan 04, 2019

    Any teacher knows that if you make a point to your students only once, you might as well not make it at all.

  • Christmas item including Santa banned in China

    Jan 04, 2019

    Christmas-themed performances and other 'religious propaganda activities' now banned in some areas.

  • Revisiting the theology of clericalism

    Jan 04, 2019

    Clericalism is on everyone’s lips. The pope decries it. Australia’s Royal Commission judged it a major factor contributing to child sex abuse by priests. Some bishops have joined the chorus denouncing it, even though other bishops resentfully bite their tongues.

  • Climate change: It’s not about resources but moral maturity

    Dec 23, 2018

    Almost 50 years ago, in 1973 during the Arab-Israeli War, OPEC imposed an embargo on oil exports to the US in retaliation for US support of Israel.