Recent Editorial

  • China Agreement is for Churches to enjoy more freedom

    Sep 28, 2018

    According to the Vatican Secretary of State, the reason for this historic agreement after decades of patient negotiations and crises: a normal life for the community of believers in communion with the Pope.

  • Who knows if China really wants an agreement with the Holy See?

    Sep 22, 2018

    According to the Wall Street Journal the "historic agreement" will be signed by the end of September. But announcements of this type have been happening for years. The Pope and the Vatican are ready, but China is divided: it favors the foreign ministry; against the United Front and the Patriotic Association which continue unperturbed to persecute the Church and religions. The silence of Beijing and Xi Jinping.

  • We can’t let all the crosses fall in China, or can we?

    Sep 22, 2018

    After all the crosses were forcibly removed from churches and demolished in China’s prosperous Zhejiang Province several years ago, the Party began applying the same pressure in central Henan last year.

  • Strong backing for Francis from an unexpected quarter

    Sep 15, 2018

    A conservative-minded Catholic Church leader in Germany, who admits he has hitherto questioned much of Pope Francis’ teaching, says he is now fully convinced that the current Bishop of Rome is pursuing the path of holiness.

  • The Pope is serene, in the Vatican there is bitter disappointment and restlessness

    Sep 15, 2018

    The Pope is serene, despite the difficulties. Among the collaborators in the Vatican, there still remains some “disappointment” and “restlessness”.

  • If we want to reform the church, let's make women cardinals

    Sep 15, 2018

    In the reforms being mentioned in light of the contemporary crisis in the Catholic Church, I see lots of punitive proposals but I don't see enough constructive models of empowerment.

  • Viganò's latest statement part of concerted campaign to attack papacy

    Sep 07, 2018

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former nuncio to the United States, is a prickly sort of man. He offered his 11-page dossier and pretended it was an account regarding former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, when it was really just chock-full of score settling, conspiracy theories, bigotry and misinformation.

  • Pope Francis says response to division should be silence, prayer

    Sep 07, 2018

    Pope Francis said Monday, Sept 3 that to division and scandal the answer should be silence and prayer; and asked the Lord for the grace to discern when it is better to speak or to remain quiet.

  • New leadership in sex-abuse crisis

    Sep 07, 2018

    A recommendation for Pope Francis about the clergy sex abuse crisis in Chile was that he should call forth the Church’s “secret weapon” to meet this crisis: women.

  • No to clericalism and narcissism

    Aug 31, 2018

    As finger pointing and efforts to blame individuals or groups for the massive crisis in the Church today continues, and many church leaders, experts, those claiming to be theologians and justifiably angry and indignant Catholics diagnose the current tragic state of affairs in the church, theories abound.