Global Church News

  • Ennio Morricone — a man of faith

    Jul 11, 2020

    Legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone, died July 6 at the age of 91 after a fall ten days ago.

  • A tribute to Ennio

    Jul 11, 2020

    Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, recalled that Ennio Morricone was a man of strong faith.

  • St Henry, July 13

    Jul 11, 2020

    As German king and Holy Roman Emperor, Henry was a practical man of affairs. He was energetic in consolidating his rule.

  • St Bonaventure, July 15

    Jul 11, 2020

    Born in Bagnorea in 1221, Saint Bonaventure was baptized John, but received the name Bonaventure when he became a Franciscan at the age of 22.

  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel, July 16

    Jul 11, 2020

    Hermits lived on Mount Carmel near the Fountain of Elijah in northern Israel in the 12th century. They had a chapel dedicated to Our Lady.

  • Why you need to give to your parish

    Jul 11, 2020

    Parishes need money like every organisation. Yet money is a touchy subject in Catholic churches: Pastors don’t want to ask for it and parishioners don’t want to hear about it. But giving is more important than ever before because the needs are more pressing than ever before.

  • Quezon City, Catholics celebrate: The oldest church becomes a minor basilica

    Jul 11, 2020

    The Philippine Church is celebrating Pope Francis' decision to declare the oldest church in Quezon City, in the metropolitan area of ??Manila, the political, economic, social and cultural heart of the country, as a minor basilica.

  • Turkey’s Council of State rules that Hagia Sophia is a mosque

    Jul 11, 2020

    At 4 pm Friday (1 pm GMT), Turkish television announced that the country’s top administrative court cleared the way for the Basilica of Saint Sophia to be restored as a mosque.

  • Msgr. Jia Zhiguo: The Church must be open to everyone, even those under the age of 18

    Jul 11, 2020

    The blackmail of the Jinzhou authorities: you can reopen the churches - after the pandemic - if you ban entry to minors. Mgr. Jia Zhiguo, 83, has been a bishop since 1980 and is responsible for a community of over 150,000 faithful, with a hundred priests and as many nuns. The government wants to take over the orphanage for disabled children housed in the bishop's house. Benedict XVI sends a greeting.

  • Decline in confession called harmful to church's mission to spread Gospel

    Jul 10, 2020

    With COVID restrictions lifting, pastors looking to welcome faithful back should rethink their confession schedules -- and start talking more about the sacrament in the pulpit.